Statistics On Mobile Application Usage From Top Businesses

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Now a days people are crossing their own mobile barriers. Today, mobile applications are nowhere restricted to just chatting, SMSing, Videos, creating graphics or any category of business. Mobile phone applications are much more considered to be of business friendly applications. These platform independent applications can be developed for many varieties of businesses or you can simply say Business specific mobile applications can be developed.

Generating ease through the usage of mobile applications is keeping on increasing in public sector by creating its own monopoly by following latest technology and trends. People are accepting new trend of mobile apps in variety of businesses like Restaurants, Professional Services (lawyers, realtors, accountants, doctors, etc.), Fitness Clubs, hotels and resorts, nightclubs and bars, musicians, non profit organizations, automotive and other small businesses.

Business Statistics

84% of  small business owners see an increase in business activity after mobile marketing effort, where 26% of  business have mobile friendly websites and 67% of small business will increase mobile marketing budget. By 2015, mobile online shopping will reach $163 billion world wide. Many business owners agree on this point that mobile marketing is the key to small business growth in next 5 years, while few customers abandon a mobile site if they have poor experiences.

Mobile use will overtake desktop traffic by 2014.The count says 64% will spend more on marketing dollars through mobiles and 90% of mobile searches result in an action such as visiting a business location or purchasing a page.

Time Usage

Mobile application trump the entire web (mobile and desktop) in terms of how much time users spend with each mobile and desktop web and mobile app. Here is the break up- Mobile apps is considered to be 62% time saver by increasing productivity of 59% with 29% cost saving and 22% generating new business, with 11% of ability to work anywhere with ease of use.

Productivity, Security and Popularity

Productivity and efficiency are most popular reasons why small businesses use mobile applications, but just one thing is to be taken care of and that is security. We generally open up all our sensitive information on our mobile phones thinking that it is reliable and even if it is reliable, confirm your security in all the ways since it will be much more helpful to you.

Bottom line

Small businesses are increasingly reliant on mobile apps for day-to-day operations. Nearly ¾ of small businesses report they use apps and more than 1/3 say they had faced challenges without apps availability. As a result, it affected all category of business ROI positively.

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