The Basics Satellite Internet

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If you are looking for the best internet connection option aside from wired and wireless broadband, then satellite internet connection is certainly the best way to go. Even when you are living beyond the coverage of conventional wired and wireless internet connections, you can easily enjoy high speed internet access with the help of the right satellite internet service plan. To help you get started, we are going to talk about several basic aspects of satellite internet in this article.

Most satellite internet plans come from quality high speed wireless internet providers or companies focusing only on satellite internet and TV services. In order to find the best one to purchase, simply go online and use a simple online tool to search for quotes from multiple service providers.

Satellite internet is also relatively affordable. Most top plans nowadays can be acquired without having to pay for installation fee. The free setup also comes with 3 to 7 days of trial period, allowing you to test the water and understand exactly what to expect from the satellite internet service plan you are getting. There will also be monthly charges you need to pay to keep using the satellite internet services. These charges can be anything from $40 to $250 per month depending on the kind of service package you are getting.

The upstream and downstream speed of satellite internet may not be as extravagant as DSL or wired broadband internet services, but it is much better compared to standard dial-up connection. Since you are living in an area where DSL or wired broadband is not available, satellite internet is certainly the best way to go. You can enjoy up to 1 Mbps of downstream and upstream when using satellite internet connection. Latency is where the issue lies, because satellite internet’s latency is usually around 800ms to 2500ms.

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