The Best Strategy To Make It Big In The Mobile eCommerce Arena

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The e-commerce sales in United States reached $194.3 billion in 2011, which is up 16.1% from the $167.3 billion in 2010, according to an estimated report released by U.S. Commerce Department. The 2011 sales in e-commerce at  the United States was $194.3 billion, a significant 16% increase from $167.3 billion in 2010,. And this is further increasing in the current year 2012. A close watch of the statistics reveals that the online shopping customers are drastically shifting to using the resource via Mobile eCommerce App unlike before. As far as I could predict from my deep observations in the market I could say this will be the most dominant forerunner of the future defeating all other technical platforms for virtual shopping.

Strengthen your technical engine

It wouldn’t be a very nice thing if your Mobile eCommerce App crashes right in the middle of a season when your sales is showing a peak for you. That’s also a potential damage for your brand name in the market for crashing down often and might make your regular customers frown. Learn your lesson from others who have had a really bad time with a bad technical planning with their Mobile eCommerce App. Make sure you buy and maintain the best Mobile Commerce Application with all the reliability and efficacious features that the current day user demands. Spend a lot of time in reading user reviews and articles in narrowing down the best Mobile eCommerce App developer.  One of the most talked about Mobile eCommerce App developers in the review forums is: Mob eComsmerce. Have a look for yourself and also have other choices as well. This is just one good developer I have read of who gives all the features in their fullest quality.

The Best Strategy: Prepare a innovative road map

Enough of copycatting your competitor, its high time that you became more originally innovative in your approaches towards ways to boost marketing and sales. While your competitor is busy adapting to the existing conventions you can elbow them by creating a new convention yourself. One example could be – instead of promoting your brand in the areas that are directly or indirectly related to eCommerce, you could choose a stream which is totally not related to your business, but still help you in reaching your target customer. A online antivirus store has nothing to do with a shooting game, but what I am saying is create a shooting game for your target audience and work towards making it as successful as ‘temple run’ or ‘fruit ninja’. And the shooter character  in your game should resemble your logo. And when this game character becomes famous, it will get attributed to your brand and then you can slowly promote your store.

The above is just an example. Likewise, you can create 10 more ideas yourself and jot down the perfect season and time to implement it and write down clear descriptions how you are going to do it and when. This is your innovative roadmap. Get the spark and burn the race!

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This article was written by Krish Kash, he is a Marketing Manager and technology blogger specializing in mobile app development and mobile Commerce.

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