Tips and tricks: tweaking HTC One’s battery life

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htc-front-3qtr-2With three most popular phones of the year, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Sony Xperia Z competing for the position of the best Android device, we see price considerations being overruled by the need to get the best smartphone. The Taiwanese manufacturer has focused a lot on building quality and the HTC One doesn’t fail to impress. But many want to tinker around with their One with some customization.

According to an endurance test, the battery of HTC One is able to survive on a single charge for 48 hours while the GSM Arena boasts the smartphone having a talk time of 13 hours and video playing of 10 hours and 2 minutes.  Here are some tips that can help you maximize your HTC One’s battery life while barely compromising on your HTC One experience:

1.      A lot of battery life depends on the level of brightness you choose. Brightness may suck life from your battery even when you do not perform other functions, adjusting the settings of your device to display minimum brightness when music is playing on a locked screen. Moreover, setting a shorter time for your screen time-out will allow less battery life to be sucked out by your device.

2.      For times you are running low on battery charge, create a separate scene for the home screen. You need to keep your android apps in check. Sift through All Apps and then select Personalize where you will be given an option to add a favorite. Here you can also remove the home panels that will not be used. To save battery life of your device when it’s near its end, setting this scene will delay the power drainage.

3.      While web pages load, there is little chance that you will be doing anything productive on the phone screen. Here is another opportunity to save your device’s battery. You can set the screen to auto-dim itself when the web pages are loading by going to the internet app and setting the Accessibility option to Dim.

4.      Live wallpapers are a leech not just for the battery of your device but also the CPU and GPU. To save up on battery life, use any standard image or any picture with a dark background.

5.      An app that consistently runs in the background with no significant use takes up a lot of space in the memory of your device and kills its power at the same time. Disable such apps by going into the Settings and then selecting Apps, and then all. While this is a great way to save up on battery life, disabling in-built apps may prevent other apps from working properly.

6.      Simply turning off features that are not in use at all times is also going to sustain your battery life for a long time for instance, turn of the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS.

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