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Mobile printing now allows you to print directly from your tablet or smartphone device to any compatible printer. Whether you are away from the office and need to print some important hand-outs, or out shopping and quickly need access to adiscount voucher, mobile printing can make life that little bit easier. When combined with cloud technology, you can now access all important documentation remotely and print wherever you want to.4-best-apps-for-printing-from-iphoneThe following five apps can be downloaded to your phone quickly and easily, providing a variety of features and benefits:

Xerox PrintBack

Xerox Printback works with Android and Apple devices, allowing you to print documents from your device, e-mail attachment or Dropbox. This highly flexible app allows you to handle documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF), web pages and photos, from a wide range of file formats. PrintBackalso supports any print technologyor manufacturer, and istherefore ideal for both business and personal use.

PrintCentral Pro

This app allows you to print a range of documents, email attachments, web pages, photos, SMS messages and other file formats. Move files to or from your computerand thenprint in one easy step. The app also allows you to share your clipboard with other devices which have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, providing excellent connectivity. You can also print pasted clips or store them for emailing, storage or grouping.

Print n Share

Print n Share supports a wide range of document formats and has a variety of impressive features. You can print documents and PDF files, even photos from an inbuilt camera feature. Print n Share supports Google Docs, iCloud,, Dropbox and more, allowing you to share documents quickly andeasily. A really navigableinterface and customer support service also makes this one of the most reliable and easy-to-useapps on the market.

PrinterShare Mobile Print

This handy app allows you to configure print options, adjusting things like page orientation, paper size and number of copies. You can printMicrosoft Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), PDF files and text files from your mobile device, whether via the hard drive, SD card or cloud.You can also print email – attachments, photos, texts, contacts,web pages and a variety of other content.


Print Magic

This app is ideal for printing clipboard contents like images, text and web pages. It’s really easy-to-use and has an automated printer recognition function which saves time and hassle;you can also change output size, providing further flexibility. At the moment the app only recognises IPP-enabled printers, which is less suitable for wireless home printers.

Also to note:

Make sure you read the technical information before purchasing mobile printing apps; many will require you to install additional software.While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can reduce your flexibility and take up more hard drive space.

In the next few years, mobile printing technology is likely to develop further and further, providing users with a host of new options and opportunities. Watch this space!

Steve Pond is Divisional Manager of First Choice Ltd. With over 15 years’ printing experience, Steve understands how to select the latest and best technology to improve your day-to-day life.

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