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Getting connected with your friends and loved ones abroad or even half the world away is no longer a problem these days. That is due to the very many applications that have been developed by different networks and device manufacturers in the hope of bettering their services to their subscribers. And one of the innovators on this is Apple, which after giving life to so many firsts in the history of computing devices, has come up with its very own call and message application in the form of FaceTime. This video telephony of voice over IP (VOIP) software can be used on any Apple products that support it, in fact FaceTime on pc is also possible as long as the necessary prerequisites have been installed. If you need an additional guide to setting up Facetime on your computer, an instructional guide can be found here.

Since there are already so many applications that provides the same concept as FaceTime, there is the question as to why choose or discard the leading app for this newer app? An obvious reason is for apple products users; iPod, iPad, iPhone, and iMac users are better with this application because it is basically designed for them. Here are some of the features of FaceTime that maximizes the use of Apple products, which makes other computing devices wish for FaceTime on pc too:

1. One tap video calls. What is cool about FaceTime on pc if it was available as it is on Apple products is its one tap call and video switch. This app allows its users to call someone and if that caller wishes to change to video call, a tap on the icon of FaceTime will enable it to send invitation to the other user. If the invitation is accepted, then the video call will immediately begin without dropping the call. It is therefore the easiest way to change from call to video and vice versa without worrying about interruption in between the calls.

2. Video Share, Another very important feature of FaceTime that is really enviable for pc users is its capacity to switch from one camera to another on compatible Apple products. This feature enable a user to switch from front camera to the rear in case there is a need to share a picture or video to the person he or she is talking to. It is to be remembered though that this feature is only available to Apple products such as ipad and iphone with front and rear cameras.

3. Siri. Siri is the amazing virtual assistant found in compatible or newer models of Apple products. It offers its users the convenience of having someone else do things in their phones or mobile device without lifting a finger. Siri works by simply giving it a command. A good example is by opening the apps on the device such as FaceTime. The user simply uses his or her voice to key in the command for Siri and the virtual assistant will start doing the task. For more information on how Siri works, checkout the manual of the device.

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