Unique features of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus

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Apple has already started to give a tough competition to the smartphones market share with the iPhones designs. Its outstanding features are really eye-popping making every heart to crave for it. In this article, we are going to discuss the unique features of these phones, which are making it a champion.

  • New technology of the screen: – This technology curves all the sides of the iPhone neatly. Due to its ion strengthened screen, it does not crack easily, unlike ordinary mobiles. Though, Apple has not yet thrown much light on this technology, but as long as it is robust, we can enjoy it. The new iPhone 6 plus with its entry into the mobile world has further made Apple get the lion’s share from the market, especially in the last year.
  • Retina HD display: – It is an ultra-thin IPS display having a density of 326ppi pixel having the potentiality of broad angles of viewing.
  • Wonderful gaming experience: – Metal API of Apple’s for the developers of game facilitating them to take the merit of in pushing the envelope of graphics while developing the games. Before this invention, Steve Jobs was not very popular among mobile game lovers and the game Bungie story is the greatest evidence of it. However, it’s interesting to find that Tim Cook is making great stumps on the island of games, mainly since the iPhone’s App Store contained some of the outstanding games on the devices of mobile to date.
  • Enhanced battery feature:- Previously, users of iPhone complained about the poor battery performance and the Samsung phones were fishing in the troubled water. But with its expert technicians, Apple soon sort out the issue by introducing iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. According to the claims made by Apple, you can go on using your iPhone 6 with 14 hours battery backup while you can enjoy 3G Talktime for 24 hours on the latter.
  • M8 health chip: – The motion co-processor chip M8 of Apple has improved further. Now, it possesses the ability to fathom the elevation and the distance related to it. This advanced feature has enabled it to distinguish between running and cycling. On the one hand, elevation assists you to track the total steps you have already climbed, and on the other hand, the app Nike+ with the help of the barometer can display the correlative elevation on the total hikes.
  • Excellent camera: – Although Apple earlier did not include high megapixel cameras in its iPhones, but now its camera with 8 megapixels is attracting the snap lovers to a great extent. With a sensor of 1.5 micron pixel and TTF (True Tone Flash), Apple is expected to take a cue from the ultrapixel handbook of HTC. With the introduction of Apple’s Focus Pixels and a slot of f/2.2, you can quickly go for auto-focussing with the detection of phase.
  • Better WiFi: – Apple has focused on the betterment of the WiFi and finally evolved with the 3x faster WiFi. You can avail this facility on all the iPhones. This new super fast WiFi connection will let you enjoy a better experience.

I am sure, after reading all its superb features, you also cannot resist the temptation and will definitely purchase it. Hence, wish you a happy tech life with Apple’s iPhones.

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  1. This article has me really looking forward to the iPhone 6 and 6+. The M8 health chip sounds particularly appealing. I did not realize it was so advanced. I use my phone a lot to keep track of my running progress and I think its awesome the new phone will be able to tell the difference between running and cycling, that sounds so useful. Although I think I’d buy it for the camera alone!

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