Unlock Samsung Nexus Prime And Galaxy Nexus By Few Simple Steps

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Are you worried about your Samsung nexus prime mobile unlocked? If yes, then no need to worry. Here are a few simple instructions to unlock Samsung nexus prime, they are:

v  Input a non acknowledged SIM card

v  Then you can see in the phone display that it shows enter the unlock pin of the SIM network else enter your control key of your SIM network

v  Enter the unlock code of your mobile which was mailed to you

v  Yes, here you go. Your handset is unlocked!

For getting unlock code via email you need to send the IMEI number. For this press *#06# and it is a 15-17 digit IMEI number. When you receive the unlock code through email, follow the above instructions. For getting emails you need to register on the website by paying some amount of money. It is 100% guaranteed that the money will be refunded if the mobile is not unlocked using unlock code. It is not necessary that you have to be a technical expert to unlock the mobile. You can unlock it in an easy way. Unlock your mobile no need of any intricate softwares or hardwares, just unlock code is enough for it.

Unlock Samsung galaxy nexus by simple guidelines:

§  For this in your PC Android SDK should be installed with ADB

§  In SDK/tools fastboot.exe file must be transferred where it contains adb.exe file

§  Keep your nexus smartphone in ON condition with USB debugging mode

§  Connect the mobile to PC with the help of data cable

§  Select “open command window here” by holding the shift key and right clicking it

§  The command “adb reboot bootloader” must be typed to reboot the mobile

§  Then type “fastboot oem unlock”

§  Then it asks a question that you want to unlock the mobile. Give yes.

§  Now it unlocks the bootloader

§  Yeah! Finally your smart phone is unlocked.

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