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A new range of televisions that are sure to make an impact
in any setting or environment. With a sleek, sophisticated and a lot of features, the new
Panasonic pure broad line of TVs is the perfect choice for those looking for a TV with a difference.
With Panasonic’s new Pure Line range, the TV is no longer the black box on the corner of the room
– It becomes the focal point and centerpiece of any room that has settled in.

Available in three contemporary colors, purple, bright silver, satin and white silk, pure line
TV really have to see to appreciate its beauty. Due to the luminous nature of the frames
displayed in different colors depending on the room lighting, adapts to many environments,
which allows complete design freedom.

In addition to its elegant design, the pure line televisions, however up to Panasonic’s reputation
exceptional image quality to make your television viewing one of a kind. By including such things
Intelligent Frame Creation and Pro, Super-High Dynamic contrast and viewing angle of 178 ° wide,
Panasonic knows that a TV does not only look good, you also have to make.

Now you can have a sleek design and exceptional picture quality in a single molded
TV – Pure line makes this possible.

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