What is New We Can Expect from the release of iPhone 6?

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We can’t deny the fact that people really love high tech gadgets in order to make their life free to hassle, and for their entertainment as well. Nowadays, iPhone 6 is noted as the most excellent gadget around the world. And people are so excited to know the latest features of iPhone 6.What is New We Can Expect from the release of iPhone 6For everyone satisfactions, here are the latest reports about iPhone 6:

1. iPhone 6 has a novel graphene touch-screen

Meaning, users will have no hassle for their compound’s makeup. This is because Apple creates an ‘indium tin oxide’ base, instead of the touch-screen will be contained with ‘atom dense polymer’. This design is thinner than the prior iPhones. That is why the users can easily access the drawing, tracing, as well as can easily run on the games.

2. iPhone 6 has a longer lifespan of battery

iPhone 6 has an eco-friendly battery (organic radical battery). Apple decided to replace the old battery because it contains dangerous heavy metals on its makeup. In addition, it takes only 30 seconds in recharging. Even if you charge it in a little time, the energy of the battery will not be easily low bat.

3. iPhone 6 has a ‘Sharp’ display

Apple said that they will make an effort and time for the screen of iPhone 6. This screen design will be prepared by Sharp, which has an ‘ultra-tin’ IGZO Tech for the screen.  Additionally, it will have lesser energy, different from the energy-hungry Retina screens.

4. iPhone 6 has a ‘hybrid’ design

This means, it has a mix design from the previous gadgets of Apple including with offbeat music players. And it is expected to have a 4 inches screen size with functional buttons and keys like in iPod classic. In addition, it is also expected to have a clear game-frame that will let the users to view the device and quick look for its internals.

5. iPhone 6 is a ‘changeable topography’

Why they call iPhone 6 as a changeable topography? This is because its designed with simple and plain, which the users can manually choose each parts of the display, of what they would want to ‘pop-out’ off the display, as well as it has built-in photos on the display promote with 3D fashion to show up its significance.

Nonetheless, there are many reports that Apple is only forced with these decisions and bowed down with the expectations and pressure made by its competitors. But with a companionship as pioneering as Apple, the latest version of iPhone will be successfully launched.


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