Which provider offers the best mobile internet for gaming?

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Mobile internet refers to the internet connection achieved directly through a mobile phone as opposed to through the use of a USB modem or dongle. This can be 2G or the more recent 3G which offers faster speeds and improved connection quality.
As mobile phones have become increasingly multi-functional most now come integrated with mobile internet as standard. As a result competition between providers to offer the best deals, the most coverage and fastest speeds has left the consumer at an advantage.
The big players when it comes to mobile internet providers are: Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone, 3 Mobile Internet and O2.
When deciding on a provider consider the main function for your mobile phone; mobile gaming is one of the most popular functions cited by mobile users with casino and card game apps, like the one from Ladbrokes.com, coming out on top when it comes to download figures.

Those who enjoy casino gaming already know about the inconveniences that can occur with internet connection dropping out during game play, slow speeds and, more specifically to mobile internet, costs for downloads and internet charges.
Although 99% of the UK has mobile internet coverage signal in some areas may cause the internet connection to run at slower speeds. Don’t let your casino gaming experience be ruined by poor internet connection; currently offering the most reliable connections and the strongest signal are Vodafone, 3-Mobile, T-Mobile and Orange.

When it comes to internet and download charges take into consideration how often you will engage in casino gaming and make sure you shop around for the best deals. Vodafone are currently offering customers a 3 month trial period whereby internet and downloads are free. Currently the best deal on contract for regular internet users is with T-Mobile; for £15 per month customers have access to 10GB of data. For pay as you go, 3 Mobile are offering deals on 1GB up to 12GB of data for up-front costs of £29.99-£89.99.
At present, with superior coverage and arguably the most attractive deal, T-Mobile would be a solid option when it comes to deciding on a provider for casino gaming, and they also have a range of smartphones available at reasonable prices.

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