Will SmartWatches Become the Next Great Gaming Gadget?

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The latest electronic device to capture the hearts and minds of consumers are the innovative smartwatches. And why not, they are stylish, let you manage your phones calls, track your fitness, allow you to access your phone apps, and now, even let you play games.

In recent years, the increasing popularity of mobile devices has proved to be a huge moneymaker for those in the gaming industry. Nowadays, wearable tech has become the next revolutionary step in mobile technology and they, quite literally, will likely become game changers in the gaming industry.

Smartwatches are turning into a great gaming gadget and developers have created a large number of decent games that can be played on their tiny screens. While smartwatches open up many possibilities for developers and gamers, it is important to remember that we shouldn’t set our expectations too high. That is, we shouldn’t expect to see games like GTA Vice City or Call of Duty: Heroes on these devices anytime soon. But, strategy, puzzle, and casino games are a different story.

For instance, even online casinos, like Royal Vegas, are jumping on the smartwatch bandwagon. This popular gambling site is powered by the reputable and secure Microgaming software so users are guaranteed great graphics, secure transactions, and dependable payouts. Plus, Royal Vegas offers a selection of over 600 games for gamers to choose from. Some of them include poker, blackjack, and slots.

There are already a few games on the smartwatch, like Trivia Crack, Letter Zap, and Trivia Crack that are seeing some success. It is the simple games like this that will be able to make a seamless transition form smartphones to smartwatches.


But, this is only just beginning, especially when you look at what happened when the smartphone was introduced on the market – it took longer than a year for gaming apps to gain popularity among users. In other words, only time will tell how far developers can push the limits of this new technology and provide popular apps to rival those found in smartwatches.

What it boils down to is the ability of brands to adapt to smartwatches. For instance, when the casino industry made the move from real tables to on the computer, millions of people all over the world began gaming in their pajamas. Likewise, when smartphones began to take over the tech industry, online casinos began offering gaming apps, which have proved to be quite profitable for some. Thus, it might behoove other giants of the gaming industry to take a page out of the online casino playbook. No matter what happens, the next few years are sure to be exciting in the world of tech.

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