5 Useful Internet Security Tips

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Thousands of people are regularly using internet to communicate with their relatives and friends or for conducting their business work, dealing with clients, or to get information related to any topic. Some of them are continuously using internet without any fear as they might be unaware of the risks associated with the internet. Thus, they caught up in some wrong hands for their selfishness.

Following are 5 useful internet security tips to help you to keep on safe side while using internet:

1.)    Password Selection

Choosing the password is the primary step of getting secured on the internet. So select your password wisely. Generally people choose those passwords which can be easily remembered to them like names or significant dates etc and believe me this is a big mistake. Select a password which cannot be guessed by anyone. It is suggested that use the combination of numbers, letters and special characters while selecting a password which has no personal significance. Always be sure that you have a unique password and never share your password with anyone. For the security purposes, you can change your password occasionally.

2.)    Use Public Computer Attentively

Most of the people use public computers at places like libraries or cafes and login to their accounts. But be caution while using computer in those places. Make sure that you log out properly before leaving. Also keep one eye at your sides that whether anyone there is not accessing your private information.

3.)    Watch for Suspicious Links and Attachments

Online Scammers are often present as online retailers, financial institutions or auction sites to get a chance to convince the unaware victims to get their personal details. They might convince you that your account has an error and send you a link or any attachment for recovery. But don’t ever open that attachments and never click on those links. They are scammers and in this way they can get your details which might be dangerous for you. So verify the attachments or links before you open them.

4.)    Use Anti-Virus Software

Anti-Virus is the best and useful way to protect your system from viruses and other unknown threats. This will also protect your data from malicious users who want to access it. Keep your anti-virus updated. You can also download it from the internet absolutely free of cost.

5.)    Don’t Send Money to Un-known Sources

If you get any email from any unknown resources asking you to send them money then flag it to spam. There are so many online fraudsters present on the internet to take a chance of getting money from innocent people by quoting that you have won the prize, or lottery and sharing a story to make you agree for some investment to claim that prize. Ignore all those offers, as they are frauds. Keep remembering the security tips for the safe journey of the online world.

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