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It is very difficult for a working professional to manage his entire work single handedly. With the advent of technology, life has become quite complicated. But, it is technology that has the solution for these problems. Freelancers are people who are always working. Thus, they have to manage their work smartly, so that they waste no time in between. Small tasks like sending an email or researching can now be done, if you are away from your desk. All you must have is a phone with an Android operating system.

Problem related to purchasing

If you have to purchase every app, then in one hand you are saving time, while on the other hand you are losing your money. So, there are a few free apps, which can help you manage your day, and save money too. They are available on the internet, and can be downloaded in your smart phone for free. There are a few applications which are very easy-to-use, and will save both time and money. All, one has to do is integrate then with the web services they are using. Below are some apps to make your day easy.

Tasks and Tods

  • This is a very easy application for Android phones. This helps to mange and arranges lists, by simply dragging and dropping.
  • This app also has a backup function, which ensures that your tasks can be saved in the SD card.
  • There is also an option to add maps or pictures to your task.

Astrid Free

  • This is also a free task management app, which can be used for devices that support Android
  • The specialty of this app is that, it can be accessed from the web and also from your mobile phone.
  • You can also forward emails from your mail id, which has to be synced with the app.
  • Otherwise free, this app can offer you with voice inputs and widget choices, if you pay a little.

Alongside these task management apps, there are some other storage apps too. Applications like box and Dropbox, offer extra usage where you can store all your necessary documents and music, which your phone has been struggling to do, initially. Other apps include Call reminder notes. This app if for forgetful people. It often happens that we talk with some people and later cannot recall what talks we had with this. An alert from this app will pop up the next time us the entire person, where we can see the topic of our earlier discussion. Like this, there are few more apps, which are highly useful. They help you in completing your work in time, without losing much money. May be with a little more money, you can

Money, you can get a few more features. Thus, for busy people and people with freelancing jobs, these apps are a life saver. If you are saving on your monthly bills and wish to find more ways to save, then have a look at

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