How About Educating Your Kids with iPad Games?

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Games are an important part of a child’s life. Parents in olden days prefer to send their kids outdoor for some physical exercises together with playing of games. But these days the kids have become extremely tech savvy. Their entire life seems to be guided by the collection of gadgets available in the market. Android devices, laptops, tablets and e-books have occupied sufficient time of the kid. Therefore, many apps have been discovered to keep the child engaged and entertainment during his pastime.

Guess what? iPad has introduced some apps which besides giving your young one the pleasure of gaming, also educate him or her on diverse subjects. These apps are really very helpful! Gift your child with some of the following iPad games.

The Paramount Educational Gaming on Your iPad      


The very concept of educational game might appear to be boring and disappointing for your child. This is because of the simple reason that many educational games have only educational essence; they are not entertaining or engaging. Rocket Math is an exception to this traditional concept. This game will teach your child basic numerical concepts, mathematical operations, geometrical shapes, time, square roots and US currency. As many as 50 rocket missions are provided with this game to satiate your desire of playing games.


If you are searching for a game which is capable of catering a wonderful pastime together with educating your offsprings, your search ends with ABC Shakedown Plus. What make this app perfect for your child are its contents which are developed by expert teachers only. Hence, the app does the same job that a teacher would have done, if she taught your child privately. Your child gets the notion of alphabets from A to Z. Again, “Hear it, Hit it” and “See it, Say it”, the interactive features of this app make your learning filled with amusement and fun.



What is this app all about? This app is ideal for teaching your child geography. This is a playful way of knowing about states, flags, abbreviations, nicknames, capitals and bordering states. The inclusion of 5 games in the app caters a marvelous way of making your child acquainted with the geographical notions.


Millions of parents are downloading this iPad gaming app. Why is it so popular among the kids and parents? This is basically a puzzle game where the youths and the grownups participate with the same feel. You get the chance of playing scribble pics, playable Avatars and world pass.


Is your child paying all the time? Doesn’t he sit in front of a book? Get this app and he will certainly hook to the books.  The interactive games will engage your child to a great extent. He depicts either Alpha Pig, Wonder Red, Princess Presto or Super Why in this gaming app. You will find your offspring becoming an expert in reading or interpreting, writing, alphabets, spelling and also rhyming. Download this game and check the difference!


Author’s Bio: Wendell Lee is a father on two who loves to play games on his iPad with his kids during leisure hours. In many cases his iPad faces some issues due to playing games for a long period of time.  He then seeks iPad technical support services online.

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