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Thousands of available social networking apps for the iPhone are available today, and choosing the best among the rest can be quite a challenging task to do. We can consider social media as an important part of marketing and improving visibility online. That is why there are a lot of people who are looking for the best apps in order to help them manage their social media accounts.


Below are the 4 iPhone apps that have been considered to be the best in managing social media accounts of users. Various features are being offered by these iPhone apps including value that has set them apart from the rest of the apps for the device.


Although the other social media apps focuses on one server just like Facebook or Twitter, Flipboard has made it easier for users to keep themselves updated on the other services today such as Tumblr, LinkedIn and Instagram. Transforming the timelines into pages that have magazine styles, the app has made reading updated and tweets more interesting and appealing compared to the other apps today. The wide range of styles and features has made Flipboard a top choice for many. Just recently, Flipboard has been named the App of the year for the iPad device including an award as the TIME’s top innovations.

Facebook App

The users that are using Facebook will want to know what social networking is about and the site is one of the best when it comes to social media for the iPhone. The app looks just like the website itself and users can do just about anything that they want in Facebook such as uploading pictures, sending friend requests, commenting on posts and best of all, updating their statuses. The latest Facebook app allows for Timeline view and can be downloaded both for the iPad and iPhone, although loading of photo albums may be slower. The same is true for all phones that are accessing Facebook.


It can be very cumbersome to be handling more than one social networking account, especially if it has to be done on a smart phone. It is possible to manage all of these sites within a single app. The iPhone’s Seesmic supports Ping, Facebook and Twitter, allowing users to post their information from a single interface. What makes this app even more appealing for first time users is that it can be obtained for free. It is lacking in the lower-level feature though and can be downloaded from the App Store.


Today, one can find quite a selection of iPhone apps that lets its users make their own avatars for social bookmarking websites. But there are only a few apps, like Uface, which comes at a price of $1.99. The app has an excellent interface, with about 300 additional facial characteristics, making it easier for the app to create a more realistic avatar of the user. There are also a few hairstyles that can be added within the collection itself. Although the app comes with a price tag, users can benefit from its unique avatar creation which can be used for Twitter and Facebook.


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