Ways To Resolve Fix Connection Is Not Secure On iOS

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We all know Google Chrome is one of the most modern browsers, along with Firefox and Internet Explorer. Google has developed it to be the best internet browser and since then, they are improving it frequently. According to a few reports, Google Chrome took biggest market share percentage, up to 41% – follow up is Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

However, there still a few errors that are existing on Google Chrome you must know about, such as “your connection isn’t secure” on Apple’s iOS. This error will be shown up on your Chrome browser on iOS when you visit a secure site through https method. The cause of this issue is coming from your browser or device in most cases.

This connection issue was appearing in the Google Chrome browser on my iPad last month. After digging hours on Google Search to figure out causes and solution to fix it, I found out this error will appear if the date & time of your iOS device is incorrect or you have recently installed a security app on your iOS device, and it blocked SSL connections.

Those are two main reasons that can be caused the “your connection isn’t secure” error on your iOS device. It depends on the cause you are in – you will need to select the right solution to resolve it. If the date & time of your iOS device was wrong, you should adjust it, and the problem will be disappeared immediately. This method is also helped to fix Your Connection Is Not Private error on Google Chrome on your desktop computer, such as Windows or Mac OS X.

But if your antivirus or security app blocked your connection, you can try to disable it to test if it’s the cause of the connection error or not. I would not recommend you to remove the app if there is no other way to move. Because if it’s not the issue, then you will have to download and install it again. Most antivirus or internet security always allow you to disable protection feature. So just disable them and test it again by reloading web page you are visiting to see if the error is gone or still exist. If you determined the antivirus or security program is the cause, just remove it from your iOS device and the problem will be fixed.

There would be some other issues that could be caused the connection is not secure on Chrome browser on the iOS device, but most of them are on the server side, which you don’t have the ability to resolve. In this situation, you should notify the owner of the website about this error, and they will fix it. You can simple to bypass it by clicking on the process to the website button.

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