4GB DDR2 and DDR3 Zion RAM launched by Abacus

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Abacus Peripherals has recently launched High Density 4GB DDR2 and DDR3 Zion RAM.  

To address the need for a more powerful memory support, they’ve come up with 4GB DDR2 and DDR3 Zion RAM in a single module.

DDR3 is the successor to DDR2 memory. Compared to DDR2, it offers twice as faster transfer speeds and is a perfect match for modern systems using dual or Quad-Core processors

Zion 4GB DDR3 SDRAM boasts high performance, durability and low power consumption. It supports data transfer rate up to 1.6 GB/s and operates at a lower voltage of 1.5 V compared to DDR2.  

Zion’S DDR2 and DDR3-modules are currently available in 4GB capacity with 3 Years National Direct Warranty. The module allows administrators to create a robust infrastructure that runs memory-intensive applications such as virtualization and cloud computing with ease.  

Zion memory modules are built to the highest specifications with the finest materials and genuine chipsets from Hynix.

Abacus peripherals maintains that Zion 4GB DDR3 module from Abacus Peripherals exhibits higher capacity, lower energy consumption and better heat dissipation, making it an optimal memory upgrade for today’s powerful, compute-intensive hardware and software platforms


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