Connecting an iPad to a Projector

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iPads take multifunctional to a whole new level. You can read, play games, chat with friends, write music, create art, compose poems, and so much more on something that fits into a purse. Apple’s tablet has swept the market because of it’s extremely versatility and many level of usefulness.

Yet one more thing can be done to make the iPad even more useful. iPas users can get projector iPad connection cables that allow them to connect the iPad to TVs, screens, and other external display devices—most obviously, a projector.


Apple sells an adapter for the iPad that converts its usual outlet into a VGA connector. This adapter costs a nominal amount, and allows useful to display the incredible quality of the iPad onto large surfaces and screen. This projector ipad connector easily allows iPad information, videos, and images, to connect to a projector or screen.

This method is video only, as projectors don’t usually include audio settings, The nature of a VGA connection (meaning Video Graphic Array) is that it only transfers the video part of the iPad’s output. If you want audio to be enhanced as well, you will probably have to connect exterior speakers. The iPad headphone jack is an extremely universal one, so you should have no problem.

AV cables

Apple also offers buyers an adapter to connect the iPad to AV connections. You can get AV cables in the Apple store that will allow you to connect to TV and certain projectors and display both audio and visual. The Apple store offers both Composite and component AV cables, which give different levels of quality and are used with certain TVs.

If you’ve invested in Apple’s iPad, either the first or the second generation, then you should definitely invest a bit more in order to expand the machine’s already extensive capabilities. With just a few adapters you can display your iPad media almost anywhere, allowing you to share what you’ve got with friends, family, loved ones, and associates alike. With those extra abilities, your iPad can become a useful device during meetings, gatherings, and presentations.

Connecting the iPad to a projector is very simple, and all you have to do is order those adapters online. You can buy a pack with multiple adapters that allows for all sorts of connections. You can even display 720p videos and extremely high resolutions, and connect to HDTVs with HDMI options. If you enjoy watching free films on your ipad, you might be interested in online streaming  sites such as LOVEFiLM or netflix uk.

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