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Taking a Lesson from the New samsung Universe Tab 10.1 and including a few functions beyond what the The apple company iPad 2 provides, this slim, mild and longer-lasting product is the best choice around if you are more enthusiastic about mobility than in doing provides and viewing films on a 10-inch display.

The a bit small dimension is also a better fit for studying guides, surfing around the web and verifying e-mail.

Some might wonder why this design even prevails. After all, there happens to be number of 7-inch pills available, such as the Acer Iconia Tab A100, the BlackBerry PlayBook and even the ‘cisco’ Cius, which is arriving to the UK.

At its 8.9-inch dimension, the New samsung Universe Tab 8.9 suits somewhere between those ‘too small for movies’ 7-inch an eye and the bigger ‘too big for daily mobility’ 10-inch designs. That creates the 8.9-inch dimension about right.

The New samsung Universe Tab 8.9 is extremely just like Samsung’s 10.1 edition. Both run Android os 3.2 Honeycomb – a contemporary os developed particularly for pills. A few 7-inch pills use Android os 2, which is developed for mobile phones. The New samsung Universe Tab 8.9 also uses the same Nvidia Tegra 2 processer at 1GHz as the 10.1 design, has 1GB of RAM and has 16GB of storage space.


There happens to be 2MP front photographic camera for low-res video conversations and a 3MP back photographic camera for capturing. There are Wireless, HSPA internet and Wi-Fi relationships on panel.

The New samsung Universe Tab 8.9, at 447g, is over 100 grms less than the New samsung Universe Tab 10.1. You can feel the distinction in weight right away. Calculating 230.9 x 157.8 x 8.6mm, there is an extra level of mobility, but you do compromise some monitor size for films and activities.

Samsung uses a 6100mAh battery power, which it statements takes about 10 time. In our assessments, battery power survived about eight time. The battery power is a hair small and not as resilient as the larger 7000mAh battery power found in the New samsung Universe Tab 10.1.

Samsung was sensible to keep most of the features from the 10.1 design unchanged. There are icons that add to the value of the product and offer easier access to social media nourishes. Using a exclusive pop-up program bar, you can also run small applications such as a finance calculator and time that float above the main display. You can move these around the display but you cannot re-size them.

The New samsung Universe Tab 8.9 uses the same design visual as the New samsung Universe Tab 10.1. There are only three components control buttons – one for power and the two amount control control buttons. That is a marked leaving from other Android operating system pills that offer several more control buttons, USB spots, SD card spots and HDMI spots.

You reduce the USB slot for including information using a usb usb generate or linking a key pad, but obtain additional mobility because the unit is so slim and mild in comparison to more computer-like pills such as the New laptop AT100.

Samsung did clothing the Universe Tab 8.9 with a few exciting modifications beyond the unique 10.1 tab. There is now a screen saver app you can use for enjoying animated graphics when the product rests nonproductive.

In the box, New samsung has a charger and USB wire and headphones, but no situation or take a position.

In the US, the 8.9 expenses $30 less than the 10.1 edition so we can anticipate the UK design to cost somewhere in the area of £400.

Samsung definitely nailed the style of the Universe Tab 10.1, and the New samsung Universe Tab 8.9 is a bit small but just as easy to use, extremely convenient and operates quick. The 100g you reduce in weight – or 118g, to be actual – from the 10.1 indicates more grab-and-go product use.

There’s a feeling that you can easily choose up the New samsung Universe Tab 8.9 to examine a website with little attempt. Curiously, the mild and convenient style also indicates the tablet’s a great digital e-book audience as well.

There are very few slots. On the end, there’s one exclusive connect you use with the involved wire and charger, or to get in touch to your Mac or PC. This is the same slot you use with the New samsung pier, available independently, which is mostly used for propping up the unit and asking for it. New samsung also creates an adaptor you can connect into this slot to get in touch to an HD TV, and one for USB.

Galaxy tab 8.9

The audio system are situated on the end, and the audio quality is just regular. There was not much fish for film play-back, and audio tracks seemed cleaned out. There are no slots or control buttons on the remaining or right.

On the top, there happens to be energy key and amount up and down control buttons. The energy key is readily available even in a black room – you just follow the higher left-hand advantage to the first key. However, sometimes it’s hard to know if you have pushed down enough, because the key is so cleanse with the top advantage.

The 1280 x 800 show is a wonder to look at. We’ve been saying for a while now that New samsung show technical is similar to its bigscreen HD TVs – shiny, vibrant and clear. The 8.9-inch size just creates the display even better, because the display has a smaller footprint sized and features in more p. Side watching is excellent in comparison to even the iPad 2 and the Lenovo ThinkPad Product, which both use IPS technical.

Samsung has selected to pay attention to the customer market and, as such, the New samsung Universe Tab 8.9 does not have some of the business features of the Lenovo ThinkPad Product – namely the applications for encrypting data, forcing applications to the unit using an IT administration device for the desktop computer and a way to monitor gadgets.

In our assessments, battery energy lifespan was not quite as high as predicted – about eight time under regular utilization. We should discuss here that, during our analyze, we remaining a New samsung Universe Tab 8.9 operating a film for several time to analyze battery energy lifespan. When we tried to continue the unit and then tried re-charging, several did not take a charge. We had to ask for a alternative tab, and New samsung is still looking into the issue.

The only other hardware-related function worth referring to is the AllShare app. When we linked several to a wi-fi router on the same system as a PC, and packed the AllShare app on the PC, we were able to access all of the press on the unit over Wi-Fi.

That’s useful because it indicates you can exchange data files easily between your New samsung Universe Tab 8.9 and computer without having to actually link them, with the wi-fi relationship based upon only on the range of your wi-fi router.


Samsung creates much of its Touch Wiz customer interface, which provides a few exciting improvements beyond the primary Android managing system 3.2 os. The customer interface is not so useful that it creates the New samsung Universe Tab 8.9 especially better than the competitors. New samsung and the other tablet producers will have some serious competitors when the new Amazon Amazon kindle and Amazon kindle Flame start delivery.

The New samsung Universe Tab 8.9 helps you discover press, but it’s stoned together from applications and solutions that New samsung does not own. There is a Media Hub app from New samsung that does make it simple to lease and buy TV reveals and films, but when you want to buy an e-book, acquire a journal or paper, or even purchase a music, you will have to depend on third-party solutions such as Zinio and Kobo.

That’s an customer interface issue, because it indicates placing in more work to acquire this press – you have to sign-up for each individual account. Still, New samsung does offer a Audience Hub app that at least books you to each service. As for the small applications, they add some small value to the unit, but nothing far too exclusive.

There happens to be pen memo app for writing hand-written notices, a finance calculator, time, schedule and process administrator.

Samsung provides several unique symbols, such as one that reveals the nourish from Tweets and Facebook or myspace in one useful box. On the main display, you will discover symbols for a picture, the time, weather prediction and current news. In addition, there’s a schedule indication, a finance gadget and small symbols for preferred connections.

Once again, the Lenovo ThinkPad Product provides a few extra user interface elements that defeat the New samsung Universe Tab 8.9, such as an app rim for saving preferred applications and one that reveals open applications. However, the small applications and symbols included with the New samsung Universe Tab 8.9 are better than what you will discover on pills such as the New laptop AT100 and Acer Iconia A500, in that they are for more than just saving app symbols.

It’s important to note that the clear display and precise touchscreen display screen on the New samsung Universe Tab 8.9 make the user interface pop on the display – it’s easy to control this tablet and the shiny display makes the UI more interesting.

Market & Apps:

The New samsung Universe Tab 8.9 delivers with a few choice third-party applications already set up and there are two app stores – the Android operating system Industry and the New samsung Apps shop – to play with. The New samsung app shop is unnecessary since there are no amazing sales on applications or any applications detailed that are not already available from the Android operating system Industry.

That said, it does provide another way to surf popular applications. The shop does not have the social media feature of the Lenovo app shop, such as recommendations from other customers – who you can follow.

The involved applications are amazing enough. There is the AllShare app for discussing press easily with a pc or smart phone. New samsung also contains the Polaris Workplace papers package for watching and modifying Word, Succeed and PowerPoint information on the product. One important observe here: the Polaris app is designed for the Ms Workplace 2007 package, not this years edition. The package has a PDF audience, too.

There’s the useful Media Hub app for buying and leasing video clips, a Audience Hub for publications, guides and publications (where each point to a different company such as Zinio), and a Public Hub app that aggregates your social press nourishes into one display.

The Public Hub app is not nearly as highly effective as HootSuite or Grow Public, in that there are no resources for improving fan matters or seeing reviews on who is simply clicking hyperlinks you publish, but you can read Tweets immediate information and Facebook or myspace information.

Samsung has a Picture manager software kit app for artwork on the images you fill or click with the Universe Tab 8.9. In addition, there’s the regular variety of email, schedule, ipod and applying applications involved with Android operating system 3.1. New samsung contains the Facebook or myspace Terms multi-player scrabble-clone app, as well.

None of these applications go with the business-friendly resources involved with the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet, and both Acer and New laptop provide just as many third-party resources, such as Documents-to-Go instead of Polaris Workplace.

Screen Quality:

The vibrant, shiny and clear display is one of the the reason why the New samsung Universe Tab line has drawn a devoted following. One look and you will realize the display is clearly excellent to other pills – even the Apple company iPad 2. The New samsung Universe Tab 8.9 has a wealthy and shiny excellent that makes games, surfing around and any app more pleasant to use – like improving from a conventional LCD to a modern HD TV that uses LED technology.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 becomes a device you want to use because you know it’ll be easy on the eyes. By comparison, the Lenovo ThinkPad, Acer Iconia A500, Asus Eee Pad Transformer and Toshiba AT100 all use screens that aren’t nearly as bright or clear. The closest competitors, in fact, are Samsung smartphones such as the Galaxy S2, which uses an AMOLED screen that’s just as bright.

We tested a handful of movies and TV shows on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 – several episodes of Fringe, the latest season opener for The Walking Dead and the movie Captain America. Fringe in particular looked bright and clear during most scenes, and the rich blacks didn’t have a washed-out look like they do on many tablets.

The only time we observed some fuzziness to the display was during the starting section of Leader The united states, which is black and foggy. On the New samsung Universe Tab 8.9, the landscape seemed too dirty.

The amazing display comes at a price, though. The New samsung Universe Tab 8.9 expenses twice as much as some competitive an eye, such as the lately launched inexpensive 7-inch ViewSonic ViewPad 7e.

At full lighting, the New samsung Universe Tab 8.9 also absorbs up battery power juice easily. Luckily, New samsung has a power-saving technical that dims the display and adapts lighting instantly and performs even more complicated to preserve battery power at a 50% cost.

Usability & Media

Clearly, New samsung has kept real to the Universe Tab 10.1 style mentality and has not modified much with the 8.9-inch edition. If you have ever used the 10.1, then you already know how easy the New samsung Universe Tab 8.9 is to use. There are few management buttons, and you management just about everything from the display.

To accessibility the small applications, you media a small, hidden pointer that factors up, although some customers might not find the symbol. The Back, House and App pop-up management buttons are all located on the reduced left-hand side like they are with every other Android operating system 3.1 tab, but New samsung did add a screen shot key in this row of symbols. This performs well for catching pictures on the display – they are stored to a individual directory in the Image Collection app.

To add symbols, you keep down on the display until the gadget selection seems to be. Then, you move and fall symbols onto one of five homepages. You can also modify the pc wallpapers. New samsung has a few typical applications under this display, such as Connections, Charts, the ipod and so on. Most customers will probably not hassle looking here for applications, since you can just shop favorites on the homepages.


The New samsung Universe Tab 8.9 is remarkable as an digital e-book audience. We were stunned at how the clear, white page printed the size of a physical paperback book, and you can keep the unit with one hand in symbol alignment.

The New samsung Universe Tab 8.9 surpasses every other product except the The apple company iPad 2 with regards to buying and leasing films and TV reveals. The Press Hub app proved helpful well for leasing several films, and you can anticipate them to play efficiently since they are developed to work with the New samsung Universe Tab 8.9 and New samsung Universe Tab 10.1. The app provides most significant produces at inexpensive price points.

The environment works well because, once you make a Press Hub account, the app shops your bank card information for you and makes the check out process quicker and easier. That means quicker access to enjoyment on the product.

For music, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 supports all the expected formats, including MP3, M4A, OGG, ACC and FLAC. For video, you can play a wide selection of 1080p files including 3GP, MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV and MKV. We loaded several episodes of Fringe in XVID and they played smoothly. Home movies recorded in WMV also played fine, although when we copied them over, Windows 7 converted the files.

Online video streaming was also predictably smooth. We tested several YouTube HD movies, including gameplay films for upcoming Xbox 360 games, and they all played without a hitch. Loading movies was also easy – we used a USB adapter and a flash drive to load several Hollywood films. And you can even use the Samsung Kies app on your computer to send files over a Wi-Fi network directly to the tab.

The 16GB of internal storage is room enough for a few movies, plenty of TV shows and other content. There’s no way to expand the storage on the tablet itself, although with the USB adapter you can use a flash drive to store extra media files. The AllShare app helps you to maintain your storage by offloading movies and music files you don’t need any more to a network drive or PC.

Camera Quality

No tablets work as well as even an entry-level digital camera for snapping photos or taking videos, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 doesn’t break this mould. If anything, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is just slightly better at taking photos and shooting video than the Galaxy Tab 10.1, only because it’s a bit smaller, so you can get a tighter grip on the device, move it around easier and press a button to take photos.

Like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the bright screen works against you for capturing photos – there’s too much screen glare outside to see the subject of a photo and frame the shot.

Worse yet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 actually only offers a stripped down assortment of effects (including a negative tone or sepia) without nearly as many options as the Apple iPad 2 has for photography apps such as Instagram.

The camera is a weak point for both the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1, and for many Android tablets. There just isn’t a compelling reason to use the tablet for taking photos or videos unless you have no other options.

Video Quality

As with taking still images, the New samsung Universe Tab 8.9 is poor at capturing movie.

An HD movie we taken seemed obvious enough, but there happens to be minor structure rate problem that makes HD video clips look less than sleek, especially when you play them back on an HD TV.

We did use the picture and movie modifying applications on the unit, and they provide primary functions for artwork effects onto images and cutting a film. However, these applications are not nearly as useful as those available for the iPad.

Final Words

At the end of our examining period, we noticed that the extra inches and a bit is worth the more money over the 10.1.

That’s really the primary conclusion – the 8.9 and 10.1-inch designs from New samsung are so similar in functions and in cost that it comes down to a decision about whether you want a larger display or less weight.

There’s something to be said for small sized dimension when it comes to studying e-books. We read a large amount of the new guide on Bob Tasks by Wally Isaacson on the New samsung Universe Tab 8.9 and mentioned that it offers just a bit more flexibility and just the right monitor dimension for guides. Actually, most physical guide webpages are about the same dimension as the 8.9-inch display edition.

But the film Leader The united states turned out to be a tripping factor for the 8.9-inch tab. The introduction section was cleaned out and greyish, while the a little bit larger dimension the iPad 2 made the film more viewable. It’s breaking hair, though – neither tab analyzes to viewing the Blu-ray edition on an HD TV.

With the various plugs, you can accomplish the same results as an product that comes with an HDMI slot and a USB slot. Actually, it might be a better technique – using those plugs when you need them – but they are also extremely simple to reduce and add to the overall cost.

But if you want the best, with small sized display, and choose Android operating system, the New samsung Universe Tab 8.9 is a great buy.

Things I liked

The shiny display is the main promoting feature on the New samsung Universe Tab 8.9 – images and films pop off the display, images look wealthy and vibrant and activities look well-detailed and shiny. Most films and TV reveals performed efficiently and with wealthy color.

As an digital e-book audience, the New samsung Universe Tab 8.9 is excellent to the Universe Tab 10.1. The product is simple to understand for long surfing around classes, verifying email and tossing through images, too.

Samsung contains several excellent applications that might not make the product an reaction buy, but do add some value. There is an app that aggregates your social media nourishes, another that points you to the Zinio journal service, Kobo e-book store and a paper website.

The 1GHz processer was up to the process for several activities, along with a word challenge activity by Facebook, a pinball activity that performed efficiently and of course several classes of Upset Wildlife HD.

Samsung offers several choice components for the Universe Tab 8.9, along with a USB adaptor and an HDMI adaptor to get in touch the unit to your HD TV. In addition, there’s a pier and set case.

Things I do not liked

Most films performed shiny and obvious, with excellent comparison and strong, wealthy shades.

Audio play-back was naturally dull for songs and films – the sound system are too small and located below the display where songs fills up an vacant gap instead of originating toward you.

Some might like that there is no USB or HDMI slot. You can use those relationships by including plugs, but the plugs are super simple to reduce.

Overall, the cost is quite a bit higher than on other Android operating system designs. You pay a top quality for the remarkable display, slim design and light and portable form factor in comparison to wider, bulkier designs.

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