HTC Sensation XL With Beats Audio Headphones

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The Sensation XL offers exactly what you would expect from a phone with the name XL – a large device with a huge screen. So, in the shape of all things XL in the technology scene it offers a 4.7inch screen. There are devices with large screens of a similar size, however the HTC Sensation XL looks set to be the most mainstream.

The phone looks something akin to the similar sized HTC Titan, which is the Windows Phone 7 equivalent of the HTC Sensation XL. The HTC Sensation XL takes its cues from the HTC Sensation XE – the new Beats ready HTC. This device shares a lot of the innards with the XE, although has a much larger screen for video and web purposes.

Both the devices have the same very powerful 1.5GHz dual core processor that is more than capable of powering both at the same time, let alone one individually. The HTC Sensation XL is big inside and out and also has a whole 768MB of RAM, which manages to ensure the device is extremely fast in all areas.

The Sensation XL also comes with the Beats stereo that the smaller 4.3in device comes with. This allows the phone to use the Beats Audio software features to full effect. This audio is an excellent addition and creates an extra bassy sound through the headphones, which are obviously Beats. These headphones are much higher quality than the headphones you would usually find with a smartphone, but not quite up to the same level as the top of the range Beats Audio DJ equipment.

The software is excellent and also very clear, the only downside to the Beats technology is the fact that it doesn’t allow for other headphones to be used with it. However, they can still use the normal Android music software – just with a little less bass. If you are listening to a style of music that doesn’t really benefit from extra bass, you don’t need to swap headphones as you can simply disable this feature in the settings.

The HTC Sensation XL also comes with the excellent Android Gingerbread and also Sense 3.5, which really makes a difference to the phone’s abilities. This new Sense is not drastically different, but does allow the phone to run smoother. It also looks aesthetically different to earlier versions of Sense, with a repositioning of the homescreen buttons and a few other modifications made.

The largest problem to come with the Sensation XL is in fact its largeness. The size of the Sensation XL can be a great bonus, especially when viewing images or footage on its 480x800p screen. However, the Sensation’s size is also its undoing and it is a real pain to have to place in your pockets and really fills them up. The Sensation is a colossal device.

All in all it is a great phone if size is not a negative issue. It’s quick, great for browsing and video and also has a great camera and wonderful audio and so is ideal for long commutes. We recommend it but understand where its faults obviously lie.

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