Is the Netbook Dead?

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Is the Netbook Dead?

With the continued increase in the popularity of Tablet PC’s many are heralding the demise of the Netbook, a form factor that is in itself only five years old. But are Tablet PC’s really better? in the following paragraphs we’ll consider some of the features that made Netbooks so great and consider whether they are still relevant today.

The Original Ultra Portable

For the first time, Netbooks offered consumers a familiar computing experience in a small, lightweight form factor. I personally own Samsungs excellent NC10 and whilst away from home or office it successfully performed all of the tasks I needed and frequently managed 8 hours plus between charges.

Proper Office Software

Like many Netbooks, the NC10 I purchased shipped with Windows XP which meant that I was immediately able to install Microsoft Office. Even now, with cloud based systems like Google Docs growing in popularity Microsoft’s Office software is still the most widely used productivity platform.

This meant that the Netbook was capable of doing far more than just browsing the web, with the right software installed it acted as a fully featured PC.

Value For Money

At the height of their popularity Netbook prices did increase quite rapidly and soon found themselves in full size laptop territory. The NC10 mentioned earlier in this article originally sold for £320+. But after the initial boom, prices soon started to fall and in the last year it’s been possible to find Atom based Netbook deals for under £200. This makes them the cheapest, fully featured computers on the market.

To Conclude

Tablets are here to stay, but to say they are replacing Netbooks is premature. Sure, Tablets are great for web browsing, viewing videos and social networking but even the best Tablets still don’t offer the convenience of Windows based Netbooks.

We believe the two devices have different places in the market but Netbooks are desperately in need of an update. Based on the plans of both Intel and AMD it would appear that neither has any intention of abandoning the Netbook, in fact both are due to release far more capable processors in the coming year.

One final point, I’ve written this article using my old Samsung NC10 Netbook in Microsoft Word in less than 30 minutes. Could I have done the same thing on a Tablet?

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