LG Mobile Phones Can Be Unlocked Easily By Using the Unlock Codes

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LG Optimus 2X is the android mobile phone and it comes with the full touch controls. The general weight of this phone is 139 g. Li-Ion 1500 mAh is the battery sued in this phone which has the capacity to withstand up to the maximum period of eight hours. The display size of this phone is 4.0 inches.  In order to unlock lg optimus 2x you should have the IMEI number of your phone. To obtain the IMEI number you have to enter *#06# in your mobile phone. You can get the unlocked code from the various online sites by selecting the LG phone option. Now remove your sim card and put the sim card of another network and switch on the mobile. Your mobile ask to enter the Sim network unlock pin. If you know it you can enter that code else dial 2945#*999# and enter the unlocked code that you got from the online. Then your LG Optimus 2x phone will be unlocked.

The same procedure can be used to unlock lg thrive mobile phones. LG Thrive is the cute android mobile phone which is very less weighted such that weight of the phone is just 91g. This mobile can be obtained at only the silver color. The display size of the phone is 3.2 inches so that you can enjoy watch movies with quite comfortable manner. However, one thing should be noted very carefully such that while unlocking the code check whether your phone is providing at least more than three attempts to unlock the phone. If it shows the zero attempt then the unlock code wont at all work and thus it will become difficult to unlock your phone. If you have only one attempt to unlock the mobile then enter the unlock code very cautiously in order to unlock your mobile phone successfully.

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