Nook Tablet vs. Kindle Fire: How The Amazon, Barnes & Noble Gadgets Compare

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People who are on the lookout for lesser priced tablets do not have to look beyond Barnes & Nobles and Amazon. The Kindle Fire (Amazon) and Nook Tablet (Barnes & Nobles) both have the potential to rule the market but when you are looking to buy only one tablet, which one do you choose? The Kindle has a suite of amazing Amazon services while the Nook has superior specifications and better video offerings. We are going to compare these two tablets feature – wise to suggest the best 7-inch tablet for you.


The Kindle has a much bigger selection, thanks to Amazon. The gaming library is vast with RPGs’ strategy games and shooters. The Nook focuses on lighter applications. The winner is Amazon as it has more free applications and one paid application on a daily basis.

Streaming media

The Nook Tablet has integrated Netflix which pushes various recommendations to the home screen, as a streaming device, the Nook tablet is way ahead as Hulu Plus is pre-loaded. On the other hand, the Kindle Fire depends upon Amazon prime for the streaming video service. This is ideal for customers who have already purchased the $79/year which may include the book rental library or something else. The video services on Nook Tablet has a much better selection and is widely available in other services such has gaming consoles. The streaming music service is available on both the tablets with applications like Pandora, MOG and Rhapsody. The Nook Tablet is a clear winner here though I am eager to see what Amazon does because they have already announced that Kindle Fire too will have Netflix and Hulu Plus application. Till then the vote is reserved for the Nook Tablet.


Both the tablets have the same features for e-reading. There are millions of e-books, newspapers and magazines available for both the tablets. Here I must say that Nook Tablet, again, has a slight edge as it has a feature by which you can record your own narrations. However, the Kindle Fire has a selection of free e-book rentals. Children’s opinion will be divided though. The Nook offers Marvel graphic novels and Kindle Fire has a tie-up with DC.

On-demand media

The Kindle Fire is a sure winner here. The Nook is a no-match. With Fire you can buy or rent videos on demand and access the MP3 store of the Amazon. Another interesting feature is that whatever you buy from Amazon will be stored online without taking up any unnecessary space in the device. For Nook you need to bring the content from outside as there is no provision to buy music or video on the device.

The Intangibles

Many experts have opined that Barnes & Nobles is a clear winner as The Nook has free support, free Wi-Fi and there are always special offers for Nook tablets at the stores. The Kindle Fire, on the other hand, has an in-built web browser called Silk that enables the web servers at the Amazon to load pages quickly.

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