Registry Cleaner Tool Worked Well For Me!

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Think about it: What can possibly go wrong if you let one miniscule bad file alive on your PC?

This is what I found out can go wrong:

• My computer crashed more than ever.
• Even showed the dreaded blue screen error.
• Worked like a snail, or didn’t respond at all.
• Stopped working mid-way, making me bang my head against the table.

Life could have been more troublesome if I had not thought of researching for the fix. Trust me when things go wrong, you can lose some part of your reasoning and be so soaked in anxiety that logical steps might elude you. Fortunately, I retained some of it to turn good!

Thanks to those who thought of something like a registry cleaner software and different kinds of related tools while developers didn’t think them to be important. It surprises me no end as to why would Microsoft not include something like registry cleaner tool for people like me who have been pushed to the edge by frequent crashes. Don’t they know there are more than few devils residing in the registry?

While I thought I could write a book fulminating Microsoft at their lack of thought process, I thought it was better to look for a registry cleaner tool to retain some sanity in my crazy computer. After all the tormenting times I had to bear, I didn’t want to end up with a computer that was inescapable. I wanted to give value to my money. So finally I found something that I was looking for – Registry Cleaner Tool is what I am talking about.

It went about doing its job beautifully. It looked for files that had no purpose in the registry; such as those programs files, which I didn’t have installed on my computer to files that had developed errors with time. By deleting them it ensured that there was no garbage for the processor to go over and waste resources. I also learnt that processor hang up on such files and cause crashes. By deleting redundant files, the registry cleaner tool ensured that the registry remained lighter in memory and thus faster for processing. Many of those applications which showed me .DLL errors started working normally and I knew I had a winner.

Overall, the issues that troubled me were taken care of and I could get my computer to deliver similar speed at it used to when I first bought it.

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