Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition Review

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The torchbearer in the Android tablet market, Samsung has come up with their next tablet release that belongs to the popular and premium Galaxy Note series. This new announcement is a new addition to the previous Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. Although there have actually been a lot of changes in the new version of this tablet, Samsung didn’t name it differently, just added a 2014 edition after it. Probably, they are trying to follow the footstep of Google who released their Nexus 7 tablet without any new name. Now, what changes does this tablet bring? How does it stand out from the crowd and what’s there to differentiate this tablet from the previous one? Most importantly, why would a previous Note 10.1 owner want to sell his old tablet and buy this new one? We will be finding the answers to all these questions in this article.

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The New Galaxy Note 10.1

Apple might own the credits for making tablets popular in market, but the idea of including a digital pen for touch screen smart devices is solely Samsung’s. This idea of adding an actual digital pen, not some sort of pen shaped stylus has been first implemented on the Galaxy Note, the oversized smartphone which later got the name ‘phablet’. And later on, Samsung released the first Note tablets last year, an 8 inch and a 10 inch version of it named after their display size. This new device is mainly refreshment to the previous year’s Galaxy Note 10.1.

The first Note 10.1 felt a little cheaper comparing the specs to its price, but the screen was in no way crisp. Yes it’s pretty cool for normal daily tasks but when it comes to screen clarity of their 10 inch tablet devices, Apple outran Samsung. Not anymore, Samsung has now brought cool new updated features including a crystal clear display.

The Galaxy Note 10.1 will be hitting the markets by the end of September, so start saving money since it will not cost so less. But whatever you have to spend, it’s totally worth the 3 GB RAM, the 2560×1600 pixels resolution display and this device might even come with an octa-core processor!

About having premium feels, this gadget is definitely premium than its predecessor and in many ways, its competitors as well. However, not as much as the Xperia Z tablet, but in terms of weight, it’s actually lighter than the latest iPad with 10 inch; and remember the Xperia tablet doesn’t come with a digital pen.

Although the writing experience is never the same like normal pen and paper or pencil, but you will find it way better than any other devices.

What’s new in the design?

The first generation tablets used to have bigger bezels, and now these bezels are getting slimmer. Maybe the preferences of the users have changed over time, but the slimmer bezels actually look better in design.  The Note series is targeted toward the premium users, and so the devices need to look and feel premium as well. And, Samsung has added this premium flavor by adding a faux leather back side which indeed feels very elegant. Comparing the back to the front, the front might look a little cheap.

Performance and Interface, and the Display

The processor is 2.3 GHz but we couldn’t yet guess or find out how many cores are there and what architecture it’s based on. Definitely, there will be nothing lower than a quad core processor. And, the 3GB RAM makes the devices one of the fastest and smoothest performing device in market.

You get the S-Pen, more improved and tuned to perform more and Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.  The S-pen has gotten a new task to, a new level of multi-tasking which hasn’t been seen in any previous Galaxy Note devices.

Also, the interface has changed from the predecessor. Not much, you can easily get used to but it has changed. The change in display is obvious, especially if you have been using a previous Samsung 10 inch device. It now has almost identical resolution to the Nexus 10, and has a pixel density of around 300 ppi and now it’s one of the best displays in the market.

Best Offers on Tablet in India

If you are an Apple gadget lover or want to get your hands on one, then of course the iPad 4th Generation will be your best buy. This tablet is an excellent device but you have to spend a little more than the Android tablets. Proceed to Apple’s official website if you want to buy one. And if you want a best tablet in the Android range, then your best pick would be a Nexus 10 or an Xperia Tablet Z. If you want a 7 inch tablet then go for Nexus 7 2013, best offers on tablets in India couldn’t get anymore better.

So, if you are willing to buy a Galaxy Note tablet, we advise you to wait. Hopefully you have liked this article and the best offers on tablets in India as well, keep visiting us for more.

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