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If you want to protect your Apple iPhone from the outer world scratches and nocks, you must use a iPhone case. You can find various types of iPhone covers In market with a wide range of colors and features from different manufactures. In this article we will discuss about the ideas and features you will look in your iPhone leather case.

  1. Lifetime Guarantee Included Specifically designed for the iPhone 6 : A Specifically designed cover for your iPhone is the best thing you can ask for the Shopping of the decade. If your iPhone does not support your case then the whole point of buying a precious cover for a priceless iphone is in vain . The out sound and the charger points are important for heat to come out of the phone.
  2. Perfect fit, high quality materials and craftsmanship : As they say, a iPhone is a shopping of the decade for you . So if you are buying cases for iPhone 6 then it must ba made of good quality material. It must be craftsmanship- made for each other. Else the style, the grip, the handy approach will be lost.
  3. Card Slot to keep Business cards, Bank cards, or your Travel card : A Case for iPhone 6 must contain a carrier case with it. The manufacturer of iPhone themselves provides some extraordinary iPhone 6 plus leather case. They come along with card slot to keep business cards, bank cards, and your travel cards. You can find other manufacturers product also .
  4. Protective Nubuck Fibre Interior : This feature helps you to make a good business or personal video call . Also If you are traveling then you can go for a movie also. A good head back stand allows you to free your hand while operating .
  5. Secret Pocket : They say that If you have a iPhone then you must be wealthy. May be you have some thing to hide or some thing to carry with you, like a ATM card, or a extra sim card….

So when you are looking for a case for iPhone look at a secret pocket in it. It always helps .

iphone 6 plus case

iphone 6 plus cases

  1. Magnetic Clasp for Easy Closure : A magic tape or no lock to a iPhone 6 plus leather case is not you are looking for of is not the trend said. Better look a cover that has a magnetic clasp for easy closure. A careless sweep will lock your iPhone.
  2. Access to all the Ports and Buttons : A good cases for iPhone 6 must have access to all the ports and buttons, so that if you want to lock the screen or if you want to increase or decrease the volume then you can do it easily through the case cover.
  3. Access to the Camera : A good cover with protective nubuck fibre interior some times gives problem with camera hole. Keep that in mind while buying.

Hope this article will help you to choose a best case for your iPhone.

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