Top 10 Must have Symbian Applications – for 5800,5230, E series mobiles

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In these times while the mobile world is riding the wave of the revolutionary ‘Android’ platform that has taken by storm, we have to accept the fact that the established players like Symbian, Windows and Blackberry are here to stay for a while. The fact is that, though diminishing, the current world market share of the Symbian platform is more than twice that of any other smart phone platform.

That gives more than its fair share of users for our established Nokia/Symbian mobile phone owners, majority of them accessing web and interactive applications for the first time using their phones. Though Symbian app community is less active compared to androids or iPhones’, the platform has known, and lots of utility based applications that have had long and significant presence till now.

So here we have come up with the list of latest must have applications with special impetus to touch screen devices (S60 5th edition) that are differentiating the current smart phone market.

12. Smart movie player

This has been one of the most prevalent multimedia player for symbian phones, which lets you play multi formats of video and audio including divx. However the application is supported only for S60 3rd edition devices.

11. Sports tracker

A recent entry to ovi store, this one really packs the punch for those striving to count their calorie burns and workouts. It enables recording of every run, walk calculating the calories burnt each day in calendar and indicating our improvements. The UI is very detailed with variety of options, but the only drawback being gps requirement in your phone that is uses for tracking, speed etc.,

10. ybrowser/ytask

These are very powerful handy tools to view the file storage of phone, memory cards and to monitor running applications and phone RAM usage.

9. Wavesecure

This is a very needy tool to track the phone if stolen. It provides online account and advance features like tracking the phone in internet if stolen, deleting sensitive information present in phone through remote commands, online backup of data to its website account and a variety of other options.

8. Power mp3

This is a very good substitute for the non-pragmatic ‘Music player’ of Symbian devices. The UI is especially suited for touch devices and provides great functionality like selecting specific folders for library, sleep timer, eqalizer, skins etc.,

7. Skyfire

This is another entry to mobile browser apps and has reakkt taken established mobile browsers like opera by surprise. It supports streaming flash content from web (not yet supported by opera mini/mobile) and has a straight forward UI with intuitively fast response and menu options.

6. Quickoffice

This is an office application for creating and editing office documents like word, excel or powerpoint files.

5. qik

This amazing application enables you to host live streaming of videos to internet. Just open the this app and you can broadcast your live videos to net. Offcourse this would require high bandwidth/3g.

4. Google maps

The famous google map tool is a very handy utility to find places and track our current location. The best part is that it can use either mobile tower based location Sync or GPS based location sync for those mobiles supporting GPS functionality.

3. Gmail

This efficent application enables viewing and managing multiple google mail accounts and practically allows almost all features of plain gmail functionalities.

The app is very fast and has options and menus straight to the point.

2. Nimbus/Snaptu/Slick/Talkanaut

These are applications that provides access to the famous social websites like facebook, twitter, orkut, gtalk etc., We have listed in their order of prevalence and ease of use. These are must have applications especially these days when people are hooked to online social websites.

1. Opera mobile

This has remained as the most used app to browse internet via mobile devices. It has both symbian version and jar version, each having its own merits and demerits. It has greatly refined UI and even offers multi tabs functionality.

Nokia has upped the antic for Symbian apps with its established ovi store. The new Ovi suite that it released offers integrated functionality and provides an amazing interface to manage ones’ nokia device. Nokia even offers free 10 GB account for ovi suite users of nokia devices that enables us to back up contacts, messages, files, settings etc., directly throught phones’ internet connection. It also enables firmware updates and free ovi maps download and navigation. Overall Nokia is given its best shot to establish itself in app world and smart phone market. Lets wait and see if this rejuvenates the stagnant Symbian market share.

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