What is Ethical Hacking All About….

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Hacking has been so misinterpreted in the mass media that people have had to coin another term “ethical hacking” just to be clear.What does it mean really? Simply that you are a curious person, who likes to mess about with things.

Put as simple as possible, being ethical is not to do things which would cause others harm. But the person performs his hacking activities within the purview of law.Let us clarify all this with an example:

Imagine someone buys a game.This person has spent money purchasing this game legally.However, the gaming experience is continually hampered by the DRM(Digital Rights Management) system which the game uses.The gamer is expected to be continually connected to the internet while playing the game, even though the internet connection is not required for gameplay.What if this person then uses his computer skills to subvert the DRM system and play the game directly?

Would this instance of hacking ethical?It certainly won’t be legal.Since this person has already paid for the game, and the company is not loosing anything, we shall go ahead and rule this ethical.

The popular meaning of the term “ethical hacker” has to do with computer security-a field where the term ethical is more significant than hacker.In terms of computer security, an ethical hacker is a penetration tester, someone who tries to find vulnerabilities in a system in order to fix them, rather than to profit from exploiting them.

So to conclude all, the prerequisites for being an ethical hacker are being curious, creative, willing to learn, and of course being ethical!!

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