What is Tablet PC – An Introduction

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34What is Tablet PC? A tablet PC or computer is like a portable little computer but incorporated with touch screen technology, which can be operated through bare fingers or the user can even use a digital pen or a stylus also. These gadgets don’t need any other input devices like a keyboard or mouse to be operated as we use those peripherals with desktop computers. The great thing about having a tablet PC is that these gadgets provide mobility to the user, means the user can use the gadget on the move. Tablet PC is divided into four different types

Slate – These type of tablet PCs look pretty much like a writing slate, they are operated by the touch screen and hence don’t have any extra peripheral like a keyboard attached to them. However, as an extra feature, keyboards or other USB peripherals can be attached with the slate tablet PCs because most of us favor real keyboard over virtual keyboard.

Booklet – These tablet PCs are called Booklet tablets because of their booklet type design, basically it is a twin screen tablet and can be opened and closed like a book, which is why it is called booklet tablet.

Convertible – These are the common type of tablets available, they look similar to any laptop but with an additional feature, which is, the screen of these gadgets can be rotated 180º, which is amazing. These gadgets are widely popular as they provide additional features like the availability of stylus and keyboard.

Hybrid – This tablet PC is the combined form of a convertible and slate PCs, which is why it is called Hybrid tablet.

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