A Little History On Pumps

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Living in a modern world, you might think that pumps are relatively new invention created during the Industrial Revolution. However, pumps have a much longer history. The first version of a pump can actually be dated back to 2000 B.C. in Egypt. It was a rudimentary pump created from suspension rods, weights and bucket.

In 200B.C., Archimedes created the first screw pump. This design is still in use today. At the time, it was considered one of the greatest pumps of all time. It was able to pump both granulated solids and liquids. It is particularly prevalent for agricultural since these pumps can irrigate fields without electricity.

In 1636, A German engineer by the name of Pappenheim created the double deep-toothed rotary gear pump. This pump is necessary to lubricate the engines of machinery. This pump worked on the power of water from a waterwheel. He received “privilege” for his invention. This is similar to today’s idea of a patent.

Sir Samuel Moreland was an English spy, diplomat and academic. In 1675, he filed a patent on the packed plunger pump. This pump could quickly pump large quantities of water without as much strength as other pumps of the day.

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