A Look at Google Play Services 5.0 Features That Promises Apps Improvement

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Google has rolled out a lot of updates last month at Google I/O, and one of major update to its Play services API was also introduced, called Google Play services 5.0 – that offers new features and capabilities to customize the apps in order to make them work on various Google products as well as platforms. With the release a range of features were introduced for Android smartphones and tablets like Android wearable services APIs, App Indexing, plus updates to the Google Play game services, Wallet, and much more. This post will outline some of those major features.

Adding APIs to Wearable Devices
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Google introduces APIs to Android wear devices that help users to communicate easily with their apps running on wearable devices. The developers have access to three wearable APIs, such as:

1. The Message API will let developers building app for wear devices send messages as well as tasks from wearable devices to phone.

2. The Data API will help to synchronize the data and keep it persisten.

3. Asset API will allow asset transfer between applications on a Android phone and the wearable device.

Dynamic Security Provider to Fix Security Patches
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Google Play service introduces an API using which apps designed by each reputable Android development company can install a dynamic security provider without much hassle. Developer can make use of dynamic security provider to update the apps frequently for spotting and fixing security patches.

Google Play Game Services to Increase Engagement
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With 5.0 release a major overhaul for Google’s gaming services that came into existence – Quests and Events are a new set of APIs for game developers that have been introduced. Game developers can utilize the analytics, to see the parts of games that are used on regular basis and how players get the tasks completed. And using the analytics developers can create quests with tasks specifically designed on how users play, which is aimed at increasing players engagement and retention.

For instance, the Quests APIs will run time-based goals for game players, and reward them with no need of updating the game. For this purpose, players will have to send the entire data of their game activity to the Quests service provider. This will let the provider know what’s exactly going on in the game, and based on the analysis will create more quests.

Google Wallet For Saving Your Offers
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In the Google Play service 5.0 release, Wallet adds “Save to Wallet” button support to make it possible for users to save offers including coupons, discounts, loyalty cards etc. that will be visible in the user’s Google Wallet app. This will spare users from carrying their loyalty cards whilst going for shopping. What’s more? Merchants can add their business cards directly to the user’s Google Wallet account, instead of providing the cards to users’s in person. They won’t even have to ask a consumer for information or sign up for their program.

That’s not it! Users can use their Google Wallet Balance to make instant transactions when buying some items. In case, you don’t have enough balance then, using the split tender support, the payment you have to make will split between your Wallet Balance and your credit/debit card added in your Google Wallet.

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Google Play service 5.0 brings forth – Enhanced Ecommerce. It provides visibility into learning about customer details, gives the ability to measure the number of clicks on products, adding a product to a shopping cart, initiating the checkout process, offers promotions, carry out transactions, and even roll out refunds. It enables user to gain in-depth insights into the performance of their business, which let them know how much progress they’ve made in selling products and where users are abandoning in the purchase process. Enhanced Ecommerce helps users scrutinize the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, which includes internal promotions, and other affiliate marketing programs.

Better Mobile Ads
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They are one of the most viable ways that leads to apps monetization. And with the 5.0 version release of Google Play services you’ll have access to better in-app purchase ads. With the release an implementation for consumable purchases using the Google Play In-app Billing service has been added by default.

App Indexing API For Better In-App Search
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perk bestowed by proficient Android app developers. Did you just found some really interesting app but saved it for a later view? Certainly, you’ll go through the entire history to search for the app (except, if you bookmarked the page containing the app). But with App Indexing API, you will get instant search suggestions, enabling fast and easy access to the pages within your application.

Google Cast
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The Google Cast SDK is now available with media tracks that comes with closed caption support for Chromecast.

Google API Drive
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It helps to add the ability in sorting query results, creating folders offline, and selecting any mime type in the file picker by default.

Let’s Wrap Up!

If you’re a huge fan of the Google products and platforms, then you must be aware of the new Google Play service 5.0 release. But, if you still don’t have any insight about the release then reading this post will definitely help you gain idea about the release of the new Google Play service and what it has in store for you!

Author Bio: Victoria Brinsley is a technical writer by profession associated with a reputable Android Development Company – Appsted Ltd. You can hire proficient Android App Developers, in case you are looking forward for the same.

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