Best Mobile App Development Trends for 2019

You cannot deny the fact that mobile applications have become a crucial part of our daily routine. We are actually surrounded by thousands of applications, and we can hardly spare a day without them. Mobile apps are nowadays used for almost everything from sending and receiving messages using WhatsApp to buying products online using Amazon and booking flights and hotels.

Mobile app development trends do not remain constant. It regularly changes with the advancement in technology and according to the likes and dislikes of the users. New trends come and go every single year in the field of mobile app development and in order to make a particular mobile application popular and successful one must embrace them.

A mobile app mainly fails because of a wide number of reasons. It could be because of a complex user interface, constant hanging and crashing of the application, lack of latest features, etc.

We are still in 2018, and it is not an easy task to predict future trends in mobile app development. However, from the latest trends, advancements in technology and users’ likes and dislikes developers have predicted the mobile app development trends which must be followed while designing any modern mobile application.

Some of the best mobile app development trends for 2019 are listed below. Using these trends, you can invest in a mobile app which is both successful and profitable.

#1. Simple user interface

Nobody really likes to use an app which is too complex to use. Applications should be designed in such a way so that they can be accessed by a person of any age seamlessly without any difficulty.

A complex user interface is one of the main reasons behind the failure of any application. So keep it as simple as possible.

#2. The Era of Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality still seems to be far. The technology of Virtual Reality is really amazing however it will hardly affect us in 2019. But its little brother is definitely going to rule 2019.

Augmented Reality is not that cool and amazing in comparison to VR, but it is very useful. AR is greatly used in many different fields including workforce training in big business. It makes things easier and simpler that’s why it is like by millions of users. Adding augmented reality features to your mobile app is going to be a great step towards its success.

Technology faints like Apple and Google are adding AR features to their new devices. Apple has included AR features in the iPhone X this proves that the future of AR is really bright in the upcoming year.

#3. Chatbots

The chatbots market is increasing at a great pace, and it is expected to grow to 1250 million U.S dollars by the end of the year 2025.

Chatbots instantly answer user’s questions and assist them in many ways. Chatbots programs can be integrated into mobile applications. You can seamlessly add chatbots in mobile apps without any kind of coding. This way you can add a little-inbuilt assistant for customer service. It will greatly enhance customer trust and will open new doors to connect with your targeted customers.

#4. The Internet of Things is not just a Buzzword any more

Internet of Things has captured its place in some industry verticals. As we all know this is a kind of technology which has no end point. There are absolutely no limitations of possibility in the technology.

The retail sector is making the best use of IOT in expanding its sales and business in this digital era. It is even used by the real-estate sector. They utilize its powers to designed smarter cities, a smart building equipped with high-end sensors, parking lots, etc.

Educational institutions such as schools and colleges are using it to keep the students and parents informed and well connected. Overall it is a very rapidly growing technology which must be considered when designing a mobile application in the year 2019.

#5. The Power of Artificial Intelligence

AI is currently used by many mobile applications. It is one of the favourite features of a mobile application. Adding Artificial Intelligence to mobile apps has become an absolute necessity nowadays. Artificial Intelligence gives the decision-making power to a program. It can be used to automate regular tasks without user involvement. This way it saves user’s time which can be utilized in something more important.

This feature also makes the application capable of learning from past experiences thus making them smarter every day.

#6. Instant Application

Android instant application is actually a combination of both mobile apps and website. Instant Applications are those which can be accessed from anywhere without any kind of installation.

Using an instant app is just like using a website. You can simply download and start using it without installing it on your device. This is a hassle-free way to get things done.

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