Botball Educational Robotics: From theory to implementation

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Botball Robotics education program involves students attending high school or middle school in a robotics competition. These students are divided into separate teams. They design, build, program and document the robots using knowledge from a vast pool of subjects. It helps them enhance their learning. Through the program, students work as a team to acquire key expertise for success. The nation demands a disciplined and creative workforce that is prepared for every situation. The exposure to practical experience in a Botball program helps to address such needs. Here is a quick look into how the Botball shapes students for once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity.

Basic criteria

There is no special tool required for Botball. The basic software will be delivered, but students need to fulfill a few essential criteria. The required documentation is submitted, software downloaded and technical assistance sought using the Team Home Base. Prior to the workshop, students can kick start their regime by picking up a word or two about the stuff likely to be featured in the kit. The best part about Botball is that it offers flexibility and fun as students undergo the learning process. Keeping such Botball standards in mind, the program has been implemented by teams in a myriad of ways.

The right approach

Once a student has registered for Botball, he/she should try and gather information about the program basics and important facts pertaining to the on-going season. Students must know the deadlines, requirements for attendance, expectations from the tournament and few such vital details. Spreading a word around is also a clever strategy. With optimum attention from the media, the recruiting and fundraising processes together with the overall Botball sojourn reaches a new level altogether.

Step-by-step learning process

The Botball season is flagged of every year in the month of September through a KIPR Video projection session. The projection asks participants to come out with their own educational or promotional videos in tune with robotics endeavors and projects. Beginning in January and continuing through the month of February, technological training is imparted by Botball workshops to guide leaders and mentors on the game details for that particular year. The workshop is followed by a seven week period, on the other end of which students hit the Regional tournament with their own robots. Let us now proceed to discuss the entire program in details.

Video Projection: The whole idea behind the KIPR video projection is to identify outstanding work coming from the educational Robotics clan, to encourage fresh projects, and to impart further knowledge and expertise required for STEM functions related to robotics.

The Workshop: The Botball Educational program starts with a workshop for professional development stretching over a period of two weeks. During the course of the workshop, mentors and team leads acquire expertise on latest robotics related technological nuances and implementing them into the community or classrooms. Further information is also provided on the present Botball season and kit material.

Implementation: The Robots compete with each other in a speedy, anti-destructive tournament that invites participation from students within the region. The robots are exclusively built and subsequently programmed by students to perform on the competition board without a remote control.

The learning process continues even after the tournaments. The annual Global Educational robotics Conference draws students, experts and educationalists from every corner of the globe. The conference is marked by presentations, knowledge sharing on various facets of academic integration and technical nuances by teachers and students. Expert speakers provide details and insightful comments on their respective areas of specialization. Hence, it can only be concluded that the robotics program is an enriching way for students to enhance their knowledge and groom themselves to join the nation’s intellectual workforce in future.

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