Give a Smart Look to Your iPhone 6 by Buying Wallet Case

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With the coming up of the apps such as Google Wallet and ApplePay, people now freed themselves from the hectic of keeping a wallet in their pocket. But is it really so? Can we keep everything in those apps and no need to carry a wallet with us anymore? Unfortunately, the answer is ‘No’. Most of the people still have to carry credit cards and driver’s license in their wallets. That’s why, innumerable cases of iPhone 6 are now being designed keeping in mind all the functions of a wallet.

Having a wallet case enables us to keep every necessary thing in an organized manner. It works like a single pocket. Moreover, it gives a smart look to your newly bought iPhone. Choosing the right iPhone 6 wallet case is not an easy job. You can browse the internet and pick up one that is available on the online store and suits the color of your mobile phone appropriately. To minimize your labor, here we have cited some awesome features of the different wallet case so that you can pick up one from it.

  • Leather Wallet Case: – This wallet case sponsored by Verus has a leather finish. It resembles a diary where you can easily keep your iphone and other important cards securely. It can hold up to three cards and inside the slot you can keep receipts, bills, and notes. You can hold it comfortably and its attractive modern look will definitely beautify your mobile.

Till now, we have only discussed its merits, but it has some disadvantages too. The leather wallet cases are not waterproof, so they are not safe to carry in monsoon. If you are quite strict about your budget, then leather wallets are not for you because these are bit costly.

  • Floral Wallet Case: – Are you a lover of nature? Do you want to have a case which has a vibrant look and yet functional? Then you can buy the wallet cases having floral prints. These kinds of wallets are suave and has a lot of rooms where you can easily place your cards, mobiles, and other necessary items. You don’t have to carry any separate wallet with you while having this iPhone 6 wallet case.

Have you made up your mind to buy it? Think once again because its main demerit is that it is not durable and not safe to carry while it is raining. Apart from it, its rigid design may not go with every kind of iPhone 6 mobiles.

  • Overture wallet case by Moshi: –It contains four slots of cards and two big pockets to keep receipts and cash. The microfiber lining helps to keep your mobile screen absolutely clean. To watch videos on your iPhone without any hassle, you can also fold it up to adjust it into various positions. Moreover, the frame made of polycarbonate will protect your mobile from scratches and liquid drops. You will get it in three different colors: Steel Black, Brushed Titanium, and Shara Beige.

You can pick up any wallet case from these three types. But before buying, spend some time in studying its merits and demerits in details.

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