How to Tether a Smartphone

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For those on the go, a smart phone isn’t always the ideal tool to get work done, that’s where tethering comes in. With tethering, anyone can use their smart phone as a broadband modem for their laptop to get Wi-Fi in any location where a signal is available. It’s easy to do, and usually allowed by most carriers. Unfortunately, many telecoms charge extra for the privilege of tethering. That’s why it’s important to research carriers for the best broadband deals before you sign a contract. Fortunately, there’s almost always a way to do it for free. Below, you’ll find instructions on how to tether practically any phone for free.

Let’s start with the most popular mobile operating system, which is Android. Head over to the Android Market and download EasyTether Lite. Then get the EasyTether drivers which are specific to your phone’s hardware from their official website. Install the drivers and fire up EasyTether Lite when you’re ready to get started. From there, just follow the simple onscreen instructions and the application will guide you through the process of setting up a Wi-Fi connection to your tablet or laptop PC. Alternatively, you can connect your phone to your PC via USB cable.


With an iPhone, you’ll first need to jailbreak the device so that you can install third-party applications. Once you’ve accomplished that, click on Cydia. It’ll be installed by default if you follow the instructions in the link above, assuming you haven’t done this already. Go to Sources > Edit, and tap the “+” button. In the field that pops up, enter “” and click “Add Source”. Ignore any warnings that may appear. Now go to “Search”, find “MyWi”, and install the most current version. Now you’re all set. Just open MyWi when you want to tether your phone, and it’ll guide you through the process.

Tethering a RIM device to your laptop PC is fairly straightforward. Begin by grabbing the RIM Blackberry Desktop Manager and installing it on your laptop PC. Start the program on your laptop and go to IP Modem > Connection Settings > Configure. In the Set Up Connection window that opens up, find your wireless carrier in the Connection Profile menu. Hit “OK” and return to the main home screen. Then, simply click “Connect to the Internet”, and you’re all done.

In Conclusion
One thing that should be mentioned is that wireless data can be costly if you’re not on an unlimited plan. Which is why it’s always good to look for Wi-Fi from a public library or coffee shop first if you can. If you’re frequently in “the sticks” and can’t track down free Wi-Fi, there are plenty of solid mobile broadband deals available online if you know where to look. Thanks to tethering and affordable mobile broadband deals, you can get respectable Wi-Fi connections anywhere using the smartphone of your choice.

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