Interesting Pac-Man Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

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While everyone knows about the game of Pac-Man, there are some things about it that not many people have ever heard. Despite the fact that the game was a huge hit back in the 80’s and continues to be an iconic pop culture symbol, Pac-Man also has an interesting background and story. Even if you’ve played the game thousands of times, you probably have never heard some of the fun facts and interesting details about the game.

For instance, did you know that only one of the ghosts in the game is actually actively pursuing you? Blinky, the red ghost, is the only one following you around. The others are programmed to follow different paths—with two of them set to seek a position a certain number of pixels away from you and the last (Clyde the orange ghost) moving with no set goals. The method of programming the ghosts makes the game far more challenging and unpredictable than if all the ghosts were set to pursue.

And speaking of the ghosts, the original creators actually wanted them all to be the same color. In fact, it wasn’t really anyone who wanted the ghosts to be monochromatic except the president of Namco, who for some reason thought players would be confused by multicolored ghosts. Just about everyone else in the creative process, however, agreed that colorful ghosts were a good idea, and therefore the original design went through and the game as we know it was born.

Pac-Man is also one of the most widely recognized, advertised, and adapted character of the video gaming world. There was even a Pac-Man TV show, for goodness sake. At one period, the character was used to advertise all sorts of things, appearing on t-shirts, snack foods, and much more. Take into account as well that over 30 different adaptations, reboots, and spinoffs of the original Pac-Man game have been done, and you realize that this was one of the most popular and lucrative franchises in history.

These days, when it’s such a simple option to play Pacman online, it’s easy to forget what some of the back story and history of the game is. The story of something so popular, famous, and widespread as Pac-Man is one worth looking into, as you can discover what it is that drove people to the game and made it such a hit.

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