Microsoft Xbox 360 LIVE Vision Camera Review

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The Xbox LIVE Vision Camera for Xbox 360, from Microsoft, basically a standard webcam like for a PC, has somewhat excited gamers. It is attractive, matching the looks of the Xbox 360 and mountable on any flat surface. Its best feature is the USB 2.0, though camera’s good at 640×480 VGA resolution. It is extremely easy to set-up, since there is no driver to install. With its unique zoom feature, it can focus over a particular area of the screen. For the few people who do not own a webcam yet, it can serve that function too.

It can be used with a Windows XP Service Pack 2 OS PC, through the USB 2.0 along with a microphone, upon download of the basic driver, which only allows still pictures.

There’s added support from Mac X 10.4.9, and it is also compatible with PS3 with firmware 1.54. Certain settings can be changed from the Xbox dashboard according to the room and the lighting, after which the camera can be refocused. The dashboard/camera background has a stylish look. The camera can get warmed up if kept running for long.

Although the Microsoft Xbox 360 LIVE Vision Camera is very user-friendly, there is no auto-focus facility. The device can be used for video chat as well as personalised gamer images. Its exciting Digimask and in-game video features can be used with several games. Another exciting option is that the gamer can take his picture himself, customise it and use it for the gamer profile.

The camera can be used for video chatting irrespective of the other person (being chatted with) has the same device or not, and offers reasonable streaming size and quality. The Device is available in two different packages to suit different gaming and accessory preferences.

In a nutshell, the long wait is worthwhile, while its LIVE Vision designed for Xbox 360 is expensive in comparison. There can be more games, updates and other support features coming from Microsoft. The basic package is reasonably priced and takes the gaming experience to another level. The video-chat system and overall combination with the dash is strong, and camouflaged, almost merging the gamer with his on-screen profile and great real-time video chatting. In conclusion, it is a great offering, with very few features to find fault with. Challenging Sony’s EyeToy Camera, especially given how much it is priced, the Xbox LIVE Vision Camera is certainly a success.

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