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Before we estimate the real cost of iPad let us first get to know what the iPad really is. The iPad is an iPhone-like tablet PC introduced by Apple. The gadget is truly an awesome piece of modern technology there is with slick and beautiful body, offering dozens of cool features that you can quickly access with your finger tap only. Surfing websites, organizing schedules, watching videos, enjoying games, editing and arranging your photos, GPS, e-book reading, newspaper reading and a lot more fun stuff all in a single 9.5 inch gadget, what’s more you can ask.

As the iPad is indeed a cool gadget but what about it’s real cost. Most of us are aware of the cost of iPad but none of us ever consider the final cost of the gadget, which may affect your intention to purchase. Let us estimate the iPad’s total cost

As we know that iPad is available in six different versions and their price tag ranges from $500 to $830. The fluctuation in price depends on the storage space and the internet connectivity of the device that can either be WiFi only or WiFi with 3G cellular broadband. Now for the estimation value we take the middle version that 32GB WiFi plus 3G iPad that costs $730+tax, not to mention you may probably buy extra iPad peripherals like a cover, screen protector and camera kit or you probably won’t, which is why we are not taking the extra expenses into account.


Now to use the 3G service of the device you need to have a 3G data plan that is subscribed through the AT&T alone. The cost of the 3G plan is also added in the estimation because it is one of the best things about iPad. The data plan is offered in two options you can either go for a limited package that costs $15 per month or an unlimited package for $30 per month. To prevent the cost surplus, let’s take the $30/month package.

As the device is for total entertainment the consumer will probably watch TV shows and movies, let’s say he watches 12 episodes and 10 movies per year, this cost up to $76. Now let us get on to our final phase, add $730 into $360 and the total into $76, which will result in $1,166. This is the net cost of iPad that you would be paying when buying the iPad; this is only one year cost.

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