The 15 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

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With the growing popularity of instant picture taking through the use of modern digital cameras came a marked increase in the need for reliable, free, and user-friendly photo editing programs. Even before the advent of Instagram, free photo editing applications have existed online.

With the rise of the Android comes a new range of photo editing apps just for this single gadget, and it has never been this good or this fun prior to Android’s inception. Here are 15 of the best photo editing applications for Androids that you need to know:

  1. BeFunky Photo Editor – just as the name suggests, it allows you to be creative with pictures that you take or ones that have already been sitting on-file for a while. BeFunky offers the convenience of a ready preview of what a picture will look like after editing, so you can try out different effects before deciding on a preferred finish. Like all photo editing software, it also allows for the basics like cropping, rotating, and general editing.
  1. FX Photo Editor – if you want to go ‘expert’ on photo editing, try FX Photo Editor. With over 100 different effects and 10 preset themes that you can use for your photos, you’ll have a real good time editing and perfecting your photos to the envy of all your friends.
  1. Pixlr-o-matic – if drama and pizzazz is what you’re after, this one is perfect for you. After the grunge, somewhat vintage look? Or are you just a fan of textured photos and creative effects? Pixlr-o-matic is one of the most user-friendly and enjoyable Android photo editors available today.
  1. PicsArt – if you feel that photos should be shared in a community, then PicsArt is the right kind of photo editing app for you. A photo-sharing and photo-blogging-cum-editing app, you can readily edit and share photos in real time using a myriad of different preset effects and customizations.
  1. PicSay – if you like to post funny photos or humorous edits, PicSay is the right app for you. Capable of more than just basic editing, you can make a comic spread out of a photo, or you can cut and edit photos just for fun, adding them to other photos for the sake of humor. Add some dialogue, edit the colors, slap a theme on your photo, PicSay has it all!
  1. Lightbox – need a great way to instantly edit and share your photos without hassle? Try Lightbox, the latest in photo-blogging innovation that allows you to edit your photos with their preset options and themes, which you can instantly share on Facebook, Twitter, and their own network to be viewed and admired by friends and acquaintances from the world over.
  1. Lab – if you’re after a load of fun editing your photos, Lab is the right app for you. With over 450 different effects for editing, you can make creative masterpieces without needing an art degree, and you can get it instantaneously!
  1. PhotoFancie Lite – after a great way to make photo collages but don’t have the time or the patience to do it manually? PhotoFancie Lite allows you to take different kinds of photos and edit them to fit all in one page. With a size and zoom option that allows you to establish a sort of precedence of one photo over the other, PhotoFancie Lite is a great way to make photo spreads and collages easily.
  1. Super Photo – a fun and quick way to edit photos, Super Photo allows gives you the freedom to apply different effects to a single photo or an area of the photo through the use of your touch screen. It also has a wildcard option that edits your photo randomly, applying several different effects that are nothing short of surprising.
  1. Photo Editor – Photo Editor is one of the best mobile photo editing apps available today, with 40 high-quality options and effects that encompass the whole range of professional photo editing techniques and effects. Unfortunately, photo editor is only compatible with a select number of phones.
  1. Photo Wonder – a simple and easy-to-use app that allows you to perform general editing and filtering for easy and quick results. Photo Wonder is perfect for perfecting portrait shots and for adding vibrancy and liveliness to still-lifes. It’s also great for creating collage images and works perfect for instant sharing.
  1. Photo Grid – editing photos for a collage has never been easier. Photo Grid allows you to edit photos and place them into grids that can be edited individually, creating a truly unique collage of prints that is perfect for capturing a wide array of memories.
  1. Paintle – if you’re after the surreal looking yet fun collage type of photo editing, Paintle is the prime choice. With more that 250 different effects to choose from, alongside fun extras like stickers and backgrounds, Paintle makes photo editing downright fun.
  1. Aviary – perhaps one of the most overrated photo editing apps of today, Aviary gives very little for all of its hype and provides just the skeletal basics of photo editing. With a limited range of effects and choice, Aviary is really just a name when it comes to photo editing, but if you’re only after the bone-dry basics, it’s worth a shot.
  1. Adobe Photoshop Express – the grandparent of every other photo editing software today, with the exception perhaps of Corel, Photoshop Express allows you to edit your photos via your Android with its wide selection of effects and edits that can turn your Android into an editing platform worthy of any novitiate photographer.

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