Top 5 Enterprise eCommerce SEO Tips to Double Your Sales

Selling goods online is a common sight today. In fact, most business houses have decided to launch an E-commerce website that could relieve them from expenses associated with brick-and-mortar centres and showrooms. Those having their E-commerce websites are often surprised when they are told that search engine optimization (SEO) techniques can help their sales go up by two times.

Most people are not aware of how E-commerce SEO can boost traffic and push online sales. However, the tricks of any enterprise E-commerce SEO are easy to understand and implement. Some of them are:

Are some of your items out of stock?

If your list contains items that are not available, then you must refrain from removing the page altogether. One must not add another product to the existing list nor redirect visitors to other pages. As per E-commerce SEO practices, it is deemed practical to offer alternative solutions to the products not available or already sold. Online business houses may offer variations of the same product or alternate versions in different colours. Also, keep your visitors informed about when the product will be back in stock and the discounts you would be offered on new products to resist them from browsing your competitors’ websites.

Dealing with obsolete items:

The shelf lives of most electronic items are low with newer versions or models continually replacing the earlier or older models. Most online websites delete the pages containing information about the products. From a digital marketing perspective, this is a wrong action taken that can make an adverse impact on your SEO value, and thus, your website’s rankings on Google and other search engines. As per enterprise E-commerce SEO guidelines, you must

●       Redirect older page URL to newer page URL:

If you delete the page containing details of the old product, users who had bookmarked that page or site will see an error message. This may cause you to lose your value in the eyes of Google. A better and alternative solution would be to redirect the older page to the newer ones so that Google is informed about the page that you wish to be ranked. Your website does not lose its SEO value also.

●       Redirecting customers to the parent directory:

If your website contains other listed products similar to the one that expired, then it is always wise to redirect the customers to the parent directory listing similar items for them to choose from.

Informing customers about new products:

New products need to be listed on new product pages. For this, it is of utmost importance that you create a good information structure coupled with an alluring website structure and stress on internal link architecture to rank new product pages also. Link the new product pages to categories included in the home page in addition to other product pages. It is comparatively easier for Google to find, crawl and index pages that are linked, thus, adding to the SEO value.

Handling seasonal products:

Our choice of products has a lot to do with seasonal changes, which means that some products are entirely seasonal in nature and therefore need to be segregated into different categories. First, it is necessary to focus on the categories depending on the products you are listing on your website and then link the seasonal products with breadcrumbs and the links in the descriptions provided on the product pages. The next step includes optimizing the product pages using updated SEO tools. In addition, you can make announcements beforehand by adding a “Coming Soon” in the URL structure and attract prospective customers by publishing unique content about the same.

Re-writing product descriptions:

You already have the product descriptions from your manufacturers, but cannot copy and paste them due to restrictions by Google, nor is it possible to re-write descriptions and specifications corresponding to every product. However, the lack of content can be compensated by publishing user-generated comments and product reviews. You may also ask users to comment on their buying experiences or about the products they had been looking for. Product details can be shared on various social media platforms informing and inviting people to comment on their products.

Apart, product descriptions tend to take away the joy of inspiring and influencing people to visit your website. This can be replaced with typical user stories that describe the ecstasy of being able to buy the kind of product they had been looking for or their feelings about its price and quality.


E-commerce store owners are growing in number, and so is their customer base. To attract customers into visiting their websites, some of them spend considerable amounts on promoting marketing gimmicks. However, designing effective E-commerce SEO tactics can help them in not only increase their market share but ensure a loyal customer base.

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