VoIP Communication and its Effects on Present Society

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Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is the internet communication service that allows people to make or receive phone calls from anywhere to any place using internet as a medium. To make this communication possible, VoIP converts the analog signal to digital data which travels over internet to reach its destination place. To get the clear voice communication, high speed internet connection is recommended. If your internet connection is loose or slow then it degrades the audio quality which outcomes as unacceptable results.

Normally there are three methods that are commonly used for using VoIP communication:

  • Computer-to-computer
  • IP Phones
  • ATA – Analog Telephone Adaptor

Effect of VoIP Communication on Social Society

Every Advanced technology comes up with some new and modified ways of doing work which saves our both time & money and also made the work easier to do, that’s what VoIP has done. Now let’s see what the effects of VoIP technology on our society are:

Choice and Savings

Communication over Internet is not regulated by the government of most of the countries as of October, 2010. So, the VoIP vendors are free from the government tax, charges or any other regulatory fees on VoIP services except the 911 emergency services which shows the users location, while the regular phone companies have to pay the government taxes or regulatory fees. The reason for this is that the computer communication over internet is digital while the regular phone communication is analogy, so they need to pay. This advantage raises many competing companies to offer VoIP communicating services at very low prices than the traditional phone services from telephone carriers.


Global Ecommerce

VoIP has made it very easy for various businesses to operate in many profitable ways which would be very costly with traditional communication system. For an instance, the international call cost using VoIP might be only few cents or absolutely free with monthly VoIP service plans, depending on the VoIP vendor. Moreover, various call centers around the world uses VoIP service to connect the client’s call to the customer service centers at the distant countries. This benefits the companies to pay fewer wages and low taxes to employees in the growing or developing countries and the employees are happy to afford the various economic opportunities.

Business Communications

The advanced technology in digital communication, like VoIP, has provided many candidates the fortunate opportunity to work remotely. VoIP allows online faxing as well as video conferencing that covers the miles of distance between two individuals. Individuals can easily connect with each other for face to face meetings, discussions without any major communication expenses. Also, VoIP is very useful for businesses who demands lots of business tours. One can use VoIP communication at any place even while traveling with the same number without any extra cost. This benefit comes from its portability nature.


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