What Does a Phlebotomist Do?

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If you’ve ever had your blood drawn at a doctor’s office or an emergency room, then you’ve already taken advantage of the professional medical services that a phlebotomist offers. A phlebotomist is a medical technician that has been trained in the art — and yes, it is an art due to every person’s veins being as unique as they are — of finding veins that are large and strong enough to not only accept the intrusion of a needle, but be able to provide enough blood for medical testing. Phlebotomists assist physicians in family practices, dental offices, urgent care centers, hospitals, and of course all sorts of medical specialty centers. They typically find and draw blood from veins in the wrist or middle part of the arm (typically on the inside of the elbow), but may also use various veins in the neck, hand, and even thighs or heels if other veins are not accessible or usable.

If you are interested in becoming a phlebotomist, congratulations! You have chosen a medical career that will provide stability, excitement, and plenty of opportunities for advancement. You will need to complete mandatory educational courses as well as medical training in order to obtain a certificate from The American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians. The process can take as little as as a year, sometimes less if you have hands-on experience in a medical setting. click here for more information.

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