Yay, So Many Online Ninja Games Are Free

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We all probably know someone who loves playing online ninja games. Maybe that someone is you. Whoever they are, there is enough of a following to keep the free games a’coming. Game developers and website owners continue to create new ninja games.

Most of these online ninja games share the medieval Japanese setting, and the traditional ninja weapons, and anime style art. The main difference is that some games are created with more detail and effort. Some involve an intricate plot and actually take skill to progress through, and some are just a little entertaining game you can play on your phone while you ride the subway home.

One game that has shown itself to be particularly well designed is Dragon Fist 3. In this game up to 4 players can play against the computer. There are 42 characters in the game, and players get to pick between the 32 playable ones. The computer takes charge of the remaining 10. Fans of this game say it is comparable to a paid game in terms of characteristics and game play options.

To ensure no one is left out of playing online ninja games, the developers of this game created several versions, including one for slower computers, and one for Macs.

Each player will control his or her characters with their keyboards. With a little practice one can easily learn the basic movement controls, as well as the controls to attack, jump, block, punch, kick, weapon throw and more. As you advance into the game you will also learn the advanced combinations that can be used to make a character sweep, grab, pick up objects and more.

Some say that this game is not really created for entry level gamers, but rather for those who want the full ninja experience, and have some knowledge of online ninja games. Of course, if you are a beginner, you will be happy to know that you can find many online ninja games that are free, and perfect for entry level gaming. You can find fan forums with endless information on the various games in this genre, and the pros and cons of each one. You will not be disappointed by the variety and huge selection of ninja themed games that are available for free. In time you will have the gaming skills to enjoy an advanced and detailed game like Dragon Fist 3.

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